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The Best 2 Museums For Kids in Florida

A great way to learn about the place you visit is to visit museums. They will tell you the stories of the place in an interesting way. However, regular museums tend to be boring for kids (and most adults) because they don’t really understand what the place is about, and they are not allowed to do anything but walk. That is why it is important to find places that keep kids entertained and to get them to learn too. The good news is that there are museums in Florida for kids.

playing at a museum for kids in florida

2 Kids Museums in Florida:

Boca Raton Children’s Museum

This is an interactive museum in Boca Raton that was created to teach kids about science, history, arts, humanities, but most importantly they target all their expositions to develop creative and critical thinking skills in their little visitors.

There are many events and workshops available for the whole family held throughout the year. So make sure to check their schedule to see if there is an event on the dates you will be in the area.

After that, you should head to Deerfield and have some nice food at JBs on The Beach.

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Schoolhouse Children’s Museum

This museum in South Florida is dedicated to teaching kids about the history of early Florida Pioneers. This is a two-story building filled with exhibits and special areas for workshops and classes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see how the first colonies of Florida looked like, how they lived, and how they managed to survive in an unknown land. Also, make sure to ask for their free weekly programs.

NOTE: This is wheelchair accessible and accommodates people with special needs.

There are two fun options for places to take your kids to. I really think that these places are great for taking a short break from the main touristy stuff and enjoy some family time.

Museums in Florida – 2 Children’s Museums

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