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Multi Use Revolutionary Gloves by Glovax

adventure sport gloves - Multi Use Revolutionary Gloves by Glovax

Glovax is a revolutionary, multi-use glove that adapts to all of your needs. Glovax is made with a revolutionary yarn material that is equipped with abrasion resistance, blade cut resistance, tear strength resistance and puncture resistance. The material is moisture absorbent, skid-resistant, water-resistant and oil-proof. It’s lightweight, comfortable and flexible to all of your needs. Other gloves may be equipped with several of the features, but it is so hard to find one glove with all of them! Especially at only15 USD!

The yarn of the gloves is made with special technology, which contributes to its durability and resistance. Only two factories in the world produce this yarn, which is blade cut-resistant, tear resistant and puncture-resistant. The gloves are also equipped with a coating material that is laced with a special micro pattern, which makes the gloves anti-skidding, waterproof, and oil-proof.

Product Information
The Glovax – Adventure Glove is a glove that adapts to the needs of most adventurer’s. Some of its features are cut resistance, anti-skidding, abrasion-resistance, water/oil resistance, and flexibility.

It is meant to be used in outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, and climbing.

Contact Information
Facebook: Glovax Gloves

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