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4 Things you Should Know Before Moving to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is famously known as a hub for art, culture, shopping, and exploring the Everglades. And don’t forget the gorgeous beaches, where people love to spend full days relaxing and enjoying the sunny ambiance of the region. It is no wonder that so many people dream of living here, and many actually make it happen. I have listed some details that everyone should know before moving to Fort Lauderdale. In this post, you will learn about moving to Fort Lauderdale.

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Moving to Fort Lauderdale

4 Things to Know Before Moving to Fort Lauderdale


The best time to move to Fort Lauderdale is usually winter. Not precisely due to the weather, but because prices of rent and moving services tend to be more accessible. So schedule your move sometime between October and April.


Fort Lauderdale is on the pricier side compared with the national average. But it is not just for housing. It also applies to groceries, health care, and other services to keep that in mind when setting up your budget.


Get rid of all of your winter coats and snowshoes. Instead, get some light and fresh clothes that dry up quickly and a couple of lightweight waterproof jackets. The average temperature is 65 °F or above.

Best Hour to Move

If you are driving there, it is best if you plan out the drive so that you arrive in the city in the early afternoon. That’s when you will find the least traffic. I bet you don’t want to be stuck in traffic after all the driving and moving furniture around.

Now it is time to start planning the move to your new home in Fort Laurderdale. Remember, take your time to assure everything is less stressful for you and your family.

2 thoughts on “4 Things you Should Know Before Moving to Fort Lauderdale

  1. You should also know that there are all kinds of petty thieves relieving you of your property in broad daylight, your deliveries should be picked up immediately, a blatant disregard of traffic laws with no police enforcement, the most dangerous stretch of freeway in US is near the airport, finally services happen at a glacial pace and few establishments are genuinely interested in new business.

  2. Ok so what about the Crime rate – rather high, and quality of schools, rather low. Not to mention the traffic, the clogged roads because of bridge openings on demand. One thing to consider is the insane drivers, especially on I95. Best of luck.

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