7 Simple Ways to Move a Car to a Another State

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Bringing your car to another state is a huge feat. This will need a good amount of research and planning. The transport must be safe, secure, quick, and affordable. Each method of transport has its own car shipping cost. Knowing the different costs can help you decide which one can meet your needs the most. The following are simple ways to move a car to another state.

How to Move Car to Another State?

1. Train Auto Transport

The process is simple if you go this route. All you need to do is bring your car to the shipping terminal and put your car on the train. You must buy a train ticket to ride the train in your car. The regular train will not carry the car if you are not riding the train as well. 

You can also use train car shippers if you do not intend to ride the train with your car. Many major cities are now allowing car transport by train. This makes it easier for many people to pick up their vehicles as well. Car transport by train may take at least two weeks. The shipping time depends on the distance between pickup and arrival. Be prepared for changing rates. Some routes have higher rates than others. 

There are open and enclosed auto transporters by train. Choosing an enclosed train car will keep the car safe from the elements, debris, and insect swarms. This is ideal for those with valuable or collectible cars. You can also choose this type of train transport if you value your car. 

2. Auto Shipping Company

This is the most common way to ship your car from one state to another. A car moving company will pick up your vehicle from your home or anywhere convenient for you. You can choose from an open or an enclosed shipping method. The transport vehicle will be a closed truck that can shield your car from the elements, insects, and debris.

The cost of this car transport will depend on the distance and the type of shipping. You will need to pay extra if you want your car picked up and delivered at specific dates and times. The car mover will provide instructions on how to prepare your documents and vehicle for shipping. Booking the car shipment early is always an advantage. This car shipping method can set you back $600-$1,000. You can check for more information.

3. Hitching Device

Truck rental companies can rent out carriers or trollies. You can attach these devices to your car or moving truck. You can then load your car to it and tow it to the next state. The hitch device you rent will depend on the weight or size of your vehicle. 

4. Airplane Car Shipping Service

This is the fastest way to ship a car from state to state. You can spend $2,000-$4,000 for point A to point B. This may not be an affordable way to ship your car, but it is efficient. Car owners whose vehicles are rare, antiques, or expensive can choose this car transport option.

5. Professional Driver

You can choose this option if mileage is not an issue for you. A professional driver can drive your car safely to another state. This is called concierge transport. Many professional driving companies can even include your pet in car transport. The service will then include potty breaks, walks, and feeding. The professional driver will even keep the pet in the motel room if the transport needs an overnight stay. 

Pre-screening the professional driver and the company is important. The transport should be covered by insurance as well. This is much like entrusting a stranger to care for your car while driving it to the next state. This car moving option is not the least expensive. You must also prepare to pay extra fees, especially if you book at the last minute. 

6. Drive the Car

This is a time-consuming way to move your car to another state. Even so, this can be the most affordable way to do the job. There is more peace of mind on your part because you will be driving your own car. Connecting a moving trailer behind your car can help you move your belongings at the same time. Getting travel insurance coverage can help protect your belongings and vehicle. 

7. Car Carrier

RoRo ships or car carriers are designed to transport cars. They are also known as PCC or pure car carriers. Major ports have these carriers. These ships have high side walls and tween decks that allow cars to ship on top of each other. The ramps in the ship take the vehicles from low to high tween decks. 

Moving Your Car From One State to Another Is Possible With the Mentioned Methods

Research is important in deciding which car moving option you should choose. Convenience, budget, speed, and safety are significant factors to consider. Reading updated online reviews can help you choose which car shipping method can meet your needs the most. Preparing all the necessary documents can make the shipment of your vehicle easier and faster. 

Last Updated on March 7, 2023

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