Stowe Toll Road in Vermont: Mount Mansfield an Iconic Visit

mt mansfield toll road in stowe vermont

Don’t you love it when you find something out completely by accident? While my family and I hiked around Spruce Peak (which is one of the best things to do in Stowe) during our stay at Stowe Mountain Lodge our guide mentioned, several times, that they have a fleet of Mercedes Benz. That’s who I stumble upon with a trip to MT Mansfield Toll Road and here’s my full experience.

Mercedes Benzes? I thought, what does that have anything at all to do with our hike or staying at the lodge. Was he also trying to sell us a Benz, sneakily? He so didn’t look like the type. As a matter of fact, he looked like the quintessential Vermont outdoorsy type guy. So what’s up with the Mercedes?

Finally, after the fifth mention, I broke down and asked. And, by the looks of my hubby and brother, they were thinking the same thing, and it was a relief someone finally asked about it.

Turns out, the hotel has a special deal with Mercedes Benz. Every year the Benz corporation brings over a new fleet of the latest models for the guests to take out – FOR FREE – and enjoy for the day or even several days.

Mercedes Rental in Stowe Mountain Lodge, Vermont

I have never heard of such an amazing deal. There is really no catch. No one is selling you anything, either. However, the clientele certainly can afford a new Benz, and after taking one for a spin (you have several to choose from) some may decide to upgrade their vehicle and go and buy one. But, as I said, there is no one there even remotely telling me to buy one. It’s a great sales gimmick.

However, the reason for his nonstop mention of it is because he was referring to taking one up to the peak of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak of the Green Mountains, Vermont.

To do that, you need to head up Mount Mansfield Toll Road. Which, even with all my research, I’ve never heard about.

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MT Mansfield Toll Road

An Absolute Must-Do While Visiting Stowe, Vermont (Seasonal Entry Only)

After our awesome hike, another must-do while staying in Stowe, the guide arranged for us to have a 4×4 Benz, and away we went.

The entrance to the Historic Toll Road is about a five-minute drive outside the Stowe Mountain Resort.

mount mansfield toll road
Entrance mount mansfield toll road

Pay your entrance fee:

$19 per car including driver

$6 extra per person, six years and older

Discount – If you’re staying at Stowe Mountain Lodge you get 20% off.

And the road is about 4.5 miles straight up.

Tour of Mount Mansfield Toll Road in Stowe, Vermont

On the way up, there is a Mountain Chapel that is usually open for services. You can even have a wedding here and other memorial services.

mountain chapel Mount Mansfield Toll Road

Mount Mansfield Visitor’s Center – there isn’t much here, other than a building, restrooms, and access to many of the different trails.

stowe mountain toll road

The famous Long Trail can be accessed here, as well as many others.

the long trail stowe vermont

The parking lot brings you to a point where you can continue up to the top of the mountain via easy trails.

trails along Mount Mansfield Toll Road

You can hang out on the rocks.

guys at stowe mountain toll road

Beware, even in the heat of summer, it’s crazy windy here.

windy stowe toll road

But no matter what, the views are so sensational, that Mother Nature can do whatever she likes.

views of the green mountains vermont

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