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Climbing Guide for Mount Kazbek, Russia

Mount Kazbek also is known as Mkinvartsveri is a dormant stratovolcano and one of the largest mountains of the Caucasus separating Georgia’s Karbegi region and Russia. Being the third-highest mountain in Georgia, Mt. Kazbeg’s peak sits at 5,045 meters or 16,551 feet above sea level. Among many things this region is known for, be it cultural or natural, it is a magnet for mountaineers, for both professionals and amateurs. Although climbing is the topic of this article, do not limit yourself only to this, as the cultural aura in the Kazbegi community would greatly enrich your experiences, if you decide to challenge yourself.

Indeed, an expedition to Mount Kazbeg’s peak could be one of your biggest climbing challenges in life. To be well-prepared for the climb, just think about the meaning of “Mkinvartsveri”, which translates to “Freezing Cold Peak”. Do not get me wrong, I am by no means trying to discourage you from attempting to climb Mount Kazbek, quite the opposite, I am trying to make you aware of the challenge. Next, I will discuss some subtleties of the climbing process. These include some details you might want to know before you embark on this big mission.

Far view of the Mount Kazbek
Mt Kazbek, Russia


General Information about Mt. Kazbek Climbing

Officially Mount Kazbek was first climbed in 1868 and the typical amount of time it takes to climb Mkinvartsveri is 2 days. That is if there are no acute weather changes and everything goes as planned which is usually the case. However, most guides nowadays allot three to four days for the expedition. The reason is the guide’s consideration for the weather and for your well-being.

I mentioned your well-being because the guides want to make it as simple as possible for you, that is, they want you to acclimatize to the local climate before you can attempt to go for the big game. This sometimes includes slight detours from the destination. Remember to ask your certified guide about these details before arrival.  

The Starting Point

Mt. Kazbegi’s difficulty is rated as PD. If you are unfamiliar with the ratings, it means that routes might be longer at altitude with snow and ice slopes up to 45 degrees. As the Mt. Kazbek expedition, you will mostly climb glaciers with actual slopes up to 40 degrees, however, routes differ, and you may ask your guide to arrange a more difficult one for yourself. Along the way, you may have to stay at the Betlemi Hut where you can have a rest and enjoy nice running water, snacks, or even some alcohol. Read about Paypal Stealth Account.

About Climate 

There is no recommended time to go for this challenge. By that, I mean, it all depends on your previous experience. The guides are ready to accompany you all year around. However, most prefer to do it in between Summer and Fall. In Winter, your biggest problem will be weather and the freezing cold. So, choose wisely. Read more at the tsp solution.

As a closing note, there are many more things you can do to enrich your stay in this region besides climbing, and we hope you will take advantage of it. The community is really nice, so do not miss the opportunity to socialize a little bit. It will go along with you your entire life. During your climb, you will see extraordinary, picturesque views, so make sure you have extra batteries for your camera.

You really need to keep these memories for a long time. Since ancient times, Mkinvartsveri has been part of many heroic tales and legends, including one version of the Prometheus’ story as he was chained to the mountain as a punishment for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to the mortals. Mt. Kazbegi is a place where cultural phenomena meet the natural in an astounding manner. We hope you choose to go on this amazing journey at least once in your life.

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