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Motorcycle Travel: Why Taking a Motorcycle Tour is a Must Do


Motorcycle Travel: Why Taking a Motorcycle Tour is a Must Do

family motorcycle tour

Today we’re going to be talking about a motorcycle adventure tour. When I told my son and my husband that I have booked a motorcycle tour, and the motorcycle tour is when I get my own personal motorcycle, my husband gets his own personal motorcycle, and my son is a passenger on his motorcycle.

Why Do a Motorcycle Travel orTour?

The first thing my son said to me is like, why are we doing a motorcycle tour? And other than the fact that why not?

I got to thinking and I explained to him. If we don’t try new things because this is so new to us. Like, my husband is a motorcycle enthusiast. He’s been doing motorcycles forever. But not me. I mean, the only thing I’ve actually done with motorcycles is we have the scooter that we’ve used for 14 years in Antigua.

About eight years ago, my husband and I took out a Harley for three days, and we went to South Florida. But my husband keeps on telling me that Harleys aren’t the same as BMW adventure motorcycles, which is his thing, or Ducatis, which is what he loves most.

motorcycle tour and travel

I told my son until you try something, you don’t really know what it’s about. You have absolutely no idea when you’re actually doing something versus seeing it and saying, oh, that’s kind of cool, or no, that looks dangerous, or I don’t really want to. So instead of being a spectator, I got us into it.

Interestingly enough, my son loved it. I’m like, you never know, you might fall in love with motorcycles. And of course, we all kind of did. And my husband just reignited his love for that.

This tour we did in San Cristobal de las Casas, it’s a female-run motorcycle tour business.

woman with helmet on a motorcycle tour

Weather Condition

Interestingly enough, we’ve been in San Cristobal de las Casas for almost a week, and it’s been absolutely perfect weather. Sunny every day, chilly in the evenings, which is a normal thing because they are 2400 meters up, so it’s normal to be cold. And the day that we have the entire motorcycle, that day it rains. It barely ever rains, and it rained in the morning.

So we started off with a drizzle. It wasn’t like hardcore rain, but the tour was not canceled. We got on and it was drizzling. It was also freezing and we had to go even higher to get to the location we were going.

stop side road motorcycle travel

The Tour

So the tour that we got was to go to the canyon.

I have an entire podcast about the Sumidero Canyon, which is about 2 hours outside of San Cris. It’s a great day trip that I really recommend doing. But instead of just getting there by car, I wanted to do something cool. And that was with the motorcycle. So, it’s about two and a half hours if you take the motorcycle because you have to go a little bit slower and you have to cross over this huge mountain to get all the way back down.

When you’re going all the way up the mountain, it is also super foggy. So we had all sorts of weather conditions other than snow during our ride until we started to head down towards the canyon and then the skies cleared up, and it was just sunny and gorgeous. It was such a fun experience. The motorcycles were in really good condition, and you do not need to be at all a motorcycle driver.

family motorcycle travel

Types of Motorcycles

I don’t have a clue how to drive a motorcycle. Never did with the clutch. So she had an automatic one. And my husband obviously had the regular motorcycle with a clutch and whatnot. So you can be a total beginner.

It is geared for total beginners as long as you know how to drive a vehicle, obviously, because you do need a driver’s license. So it was just really like you really feel the elements when you are on a motorcycle. I mean, there is no hiding anything. You feel everything. The cold, the wetness, the heat, the fog, I mean, everything.

It is like, it’s a workout almost because you’re so at the moment, you’re so just on the open road. Honestly, one of the best tours that we have done as of right now is a unique experience. It was amazing. I highly recommend everybody if you have a chance to do it, wherever you are.

getting ready for a motorcycle tour


There are motorcycle tours everywhere. You do not need to do the multi-day ones. They have just one day tour. Really cool way to get to a place that you want to visit anyway, but different. You could even rent a motorcycle if you are already into motorcycles.

There are places that rent motorcycles so that you could go in a different type of way to get there as well. We also did the tour mainly for security reasons. She knew where she was going. We know that the motorcycles if there’s anything that ever happened, would be able to work that out. We were in a totally new country, so that does help a lot more when you do it with a person with a guide, even though it’s not like a stop-and-go guide.

And here’s this: it is just a cool thing. You get to where you’re going and, you know, other tours that she also likes to go to waterfalls or go through indigenous villages. We decided to do the Canyon tour and it was great.

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