Best Weed-Friendly Countries for Travel in 2024

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The global view on cannabis is constantly improving, and the stigma around weed is disappearing—in most places anyway. The most weed-friendly countries in the world have decriminalized it, and you can freely light up in many locations.

While waiting for your high-yield seeds to sprout and grow at home—you’ve got a few months—why not spend a vacation somewhere green?

Deciding where to go is tough, especially if you’re not sure whether cannabis is frowned upon or not. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a list of the countries where weed is legal and avoid all the research yourself? 

We’ve done the hard work for you! Read on for the lowdown on weed-friendly countries. Once we’re done, you can book that flight ticket, knowing you can enjoy a joint or two while away. 

Hop aboard, and join us on a marijuana-friendly world tour!


In what countries is weed legal in 2024? Number one on our list is our friendly neighbor Canada. Who knew we could hop the border and enjoy a bowl? 

The country fully legalized cannabis on October 17, 2018, meaning residents get to partake in their favorite pastime whenever they want.

You must be 18 or 21 to buy from a dispensary—depending on the province—and the packaging is very discreet. Other than that, Canada is one of the most weed-friendly countries in the world. Time for a road trip, anyone? You must be 18 or 21 to buy from a dispensary—depending on the province—and the packaging is very discreet.


We couldn’t list the countries where weed is legal and not include Uruguay. This country was the first in the world to legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis nationwide in 2014.

Uruguay doesn’t encourage marijuana tourism, as only residents can legally purchase weed. Still, making a local friend allows you to enjoy a puff or two—as long as you’re over 18. The country also holds famous 420 events, which anyone can attend.


Another of the top weed-friendly countries is Argentina. Next to Uruguay, this nation has fully decriminalized marijuana. Use and possession are normal here, and personal consumption is actually a constitutional right. Wow! 

If you have any ailments while in Argentina, head to the doctor. Since 2020, medical cannabis has been free. 


Residents of Colombia have been sparking up decriminalized joints for nearly a decade. As one of the most weed-friendly countries in the world, you can have up to 0.7 oz. (20 g) without much trouble. 

The nation has a bit of a reputation when it comes to the drug trade, but officials took note of how marijuana affects users compared to other substances. It’s currently still illegal to sell or grow cannabis here, but the future’s looking bright. 


Instead of being another one of the most weed-friendly countries in the world, this may be the most cannabis-friendly nation of all. Jamaica is often associated with marijuana, thanks to the Rastafarian religion. 

Members of the religion can enjoy as much pot as they like without repercussions. Cannabis was decriminalized in 2015! Don’t be surprised if someone approaches you for a friendly smoke within minutes of stepping foot on their sandy beaches.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is another of the most famous countries where weed is legal. Amsterdam coffee shops are popular with tourists from across the globe, and they’ve been selling pot for decades.

Some of the most famous marijuana strains come from The Netherlands, despite it being illegal to grow weed there. Undoubtedly, the nation is one of the best places to chill out with a joint and socialize.


This nation hasn’t quite got its own Amsterdam yet, but we still think it’s one of the most weed-friendly countries in the world. As long as you’re 18 or older, it’s fine to enjoy decriminalized pot. 

Don’t take your own buds to The Netherlands, though. You can only legally possess up to 0.1 oz. (3 g). Be discreet when lighting up, and you won’t run into trouble.


Staying in Europe, Portugal joins the most weed-friendly countries in the world. The nation actually decriminalized all drugs in 2001. That’s right—every single drug out there. Instead of prison time, consumers usually get a fine or undergo “substance-abuse treatment.”

If you hope to buy some marijuana for your vacation in the country, you’re free to carry up to 0.8 oz. (25 g). This should last you a while and give you the chance to light up a joint in some of the most memorable destinations in Portugal. 


Growing weed on a budget and selling it is still illegal in Mexico, so how did it get on our list of weed-friendly countries? Private, personal consumption of recreational cannabis was decriminalized in 2009 for amounts up to 0.17 ounces (5 g).

Medicinal use became legal in 2016, and it looks like full legalization might be on the cards in the near future. Enjoying a toke or two on a quiet beach is unlikely to get you into trouble.


While in Central America, Belize joins the most weed-friendly countries in the world. The government decriminalized cannabis in 2017, and you can have up to 0.35 oz. (10 g) on your person. 

The country allows residents to enjoy smoking in their own homes or someone else’s—with their permission, of course. You can even spark up on a sailboat with the owner’s consent—the perfect excuse to enjoy the country’s crystalline blue waters.

Time to Plan Your Next Trip

These are only a few of the weed-friendly countries in the world. Many others allow you to enjoy a bit of green while taking in your new surroundings. Dozens more are opening their arms to marijuana, and their residents are hoping for the green light in the near future. 

Now you know some of the best countries where weed is legal to take a trip to, so why wait? Book your flight, and before long, you’ll be lighting up on a white beach or in one of the world’s coolest cities.

Run out of vacation time? Order weed seeds online in the USA today and get growing your own. As long as you live in a state where cannabis is legal, you can enjoy a puff from your homegrown stash whenever you like. 

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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