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7 of the Most Unusual Places to Visit in Australia

We all know this country, is famous for many things and has gained a lot of popularity among outdoor travelers. Australia is a country with a rich culture, and it has plenty of unusual places to visit. There are some spots that you may not have known about before. There are many hidden and unusual treasures in Australia, you will be surprised by the uniqueness of these places.

So, for the sake of keeping it the most strange and usually possible, I’m avoiding mentioning some famous “unusual” places in Australia like:

  • The Twelve Apostles: The Twelve Apostles is a bunch of limestone rocks stacked on the coast of Victoria, Australia. They have been eroded by the wind and waves over time.
  • Blue Lake: Blue Lake is located in Mount Gambier, in South Australia, and it is one of those rare lakes that can change colors depending on some conditions.
  • Cue: Cue is a small town situated on the Great Australian Bight between Null. Famous and “unusual” due to its low population.

7 Unusual Places In Australia You Need to Visit

Australia is a land of extremes. It has some of the most remote and unusual places in the world. So, if you are looking for an unusual place to visit, here are some of the best unusual and strange places in Australia that you can explore while you play some online pokies real money.

The Pinnacles

Source: Flickr

The Pinnacles are a limestone formation. Located near the town of Cervantes, Western Australia, it is one of Australia’s most famous natural wonders. The Pinnacles are a collection of tall columns, formed by erosion over millions of years.

The Pinnacles were first discovered by the Dutch in 1650, but there’s no record of the pinnacle until 1820 when Philip Parker King explore it and wrote it in his journal.

Wycliffe Well

Source: Flickr

Wycliffe Well is a small settlement in Barkley Taberland. This settlement is more like a roadhouse, for people long drivers looking to stop for gas, food, and accommodation. Because of this, it only has a few permanent people living there.

But, the strange thing about it is that it’s self-proclaimed UFO Capital of Australia!!!! Yeah, you read it right, and that’s because people say that UFO sightings are super common. It has been the site of a few unusual activities over the years!

Umpherston Sinkhole

Source: Flickr

This sinkhole or sunken garden, as many people called there, is located in Mount Gambier, Australia. It is about 20-30 meters deep and appears to be bigger by night.

The sinkhole was first created in 1886. The Umpherston Sinkhole is believed to be caused by over a millennium of water erosion and the eventual collapse of the land.

Coober Pedy’s Underground Town

Source: Flickr

Coober Pedy is a town, well, an underground town in South Australia. Often called the “opal capital of the world” It is one of the world’s coolest underground towns. The town has an average temperature of about 34 degrees Celsius during the day and about 26 degrees Celsius at night, but it can get cooler in the winter!

Wave Rock

Source: Flickr

Wave Rock is a natural rock formation located close to Hyden Town in Western Australia. It gained this cool name because it actually looks like a breaking wave, but it’s made out of rock. It’s about 50ft tall and around 110m long.

It is located about 300 km east-southeast of Perth, Western Australia, and it has been described as “probably the most photographed natural feature in Australia”.

Horizontal Falls

Source: Flickr

Horizontal Falls are unusual waterfalls or more like a natural phenomenon located on the coast of the Kimberley region in Western Australia. It gained this strange because the tidal flows cause a strange waterfall from the flow of the current, that looks like a waterfall turned sideways

Port Arthur Ghost Town

Source: Flickr

Port Arthur is a ghost town in Australia. It was once a thriving penal settlement that was established by the British. It became the most important settlement in Tasmania and one of the most significant places in Australian history.

The penal colony was established in 1853, as a place to send the truly British criminals who were not able to work on public projects such as building roads, bridges, and docks. The convicts were sent there because of its remote location, which made escape much more difficult.


Australia is a country that is full of natural beauty, and we want to explore it! You will be amazed to know that in Australia you can find some of the most unusual and strange places on earth. You can have some fun at while exploring this country. So don’t hesitate to pay a visit to some of those strange places we listed for you!

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