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Top 5 Most Luxury Cruises in the World

While there are several luxury cruises in the world, there are some that stand out clearly. What is it about those luxury cruises that make them the very best in the world? Well, these cruises meant are a perfect blend of technology and modern luxury to create that unique experience for you. Now you can look forward to luxury and innovation at an unprecedented height. It is time to enjoy an exclusive luxury cruise and take a well-deserved break from the daily humdrum of life. Five of the most amazing luxury cruises that you can choose from around the globe. Find information about luxury travel.

Luxury Cruises
©PONANT Alexis Harnichard

Ponant is a luxury cruise company with several cruise ships. Here are some of those revolutionary cruise ships from the French cruise company that are at the frontier of modern luxury and ground-breaking cruising experiences.

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5 Most luxury cruises in the world

Le Ponant

If you are looking for that high-quality cruise line to enjoy the first-class service, well, all you need to do is book a luxury cruise on board Ponant’s small cruise ships, the French cruise company. The luxury cruise line has been creating wonderful experiences for its customers for more than three decades now. You can pick from their exceptional itineraries and enjoy 5-star hotel services on the sea. Get aboard a PONANT cruise ship and enjoy a technologically cutting-edge cruise experience. Discover excursions to the Celtic coasts, the Mediterranean, the secret islands of the Pacific, and a lot more.

Le Lyrial

Le Lyrial is a part of the PONANT spirit and like other ships, is a subtle coalition of intimacy and luxury. The elegance of her and the intimate size of this innovative yacht reminds one of PONANT’s signature. The cruise makes for an unforgettable experience as one sits back to enjoy impressive sea views, and visit exceptional locations.  Relax in those elegantly designed rooms with large windows. The unprecedented sailing experience of the luxury cruise offers quality and excellence.

Luxury Cruises
Corsica© StudioPonant-Philippe & GuillaumePlisson

Le Soleal

Le Soleal keeps the PONANT spirit alive and reflects a subtle alliance that is true to Ponant’s signature. Whether it is her modern color scheme, luxury, and well-being within an intimate environment, what you can look forward to is a rare and innovative yachting experience. Get ready for unforgettable moments within an intimate environment and travel to those secret ports. Do not miss the chance to experience the magic of cruising on a small, beautiful yacht that is decorated tastefully in a nautical theme. The idea indeed appeals to travelers who look for privacy in small ships. Enjoy great ocean views and excellent butler services from all cabins.


The superb mega-yacht is part of PONANT’s signature fleet and designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel, it boasts French sophistication. Look forward to a luxury cruise experience that boasts of a unique atmosphere and exciting shore excursion. It is the ideal balance between chic and casual and elegant smooth contours that add to the discreet elegance of the yacht. Enjoy a gastronomic cuisine with personalized services in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Take advantage of those unique amenities onboard, plus intimate dining options and different menus. Spend quality time in the lounge areas that open to the outside and experience the incomparable luxury services.

Luxury Cruises
©PONANT Philip Plisson

Le Boreal

Le Boréal, another signature line of Ponant, embodies both luxury and intimacy. You are sure to get floored by her exterior and interior lines and the intimate size of the innovative yacht in the luxury cruise market. The tasteful décor and discreet elegance of the interiors done in neutral gray tones make you feel as if you are surrounded by luxury. The smaller size makes you feel as if you are on a private yacht. Browse for special itineraries that make one incredible, super trip.

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