Most Beautiful Places in Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand is consistently ranked as one of the safest places in the world but it also makes the top list of beautiful places to visit in the Southern Hemisphere.Australia and New Zealand are places that you should have on your bucket list. Learn about beautiful places in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s neighbor, Australia isn’t too far behind as far as looks go either. So, if you’re planning a trip down under, be sure to visit both places.

They may be close to one another but each offers vastly different scenic attractions and activities. 

These are the most beautiful places in Australia and New Zealand to put on your list of things to see while you’re there.

beautiful places in australia

The Most Beautiful Places in Australia

Get those images of Australia’s vast arid outback out of your head, this island-continent abounds with lush forests and gorgeous beaches too. These are just some of the pretty places Australia has to offer:

The Kimberley

Secluded in the north-western corner of the continent, The Kimberley is a pristine, sparsely populated wilderness. 

Here you’ll find much to admire, from abundant wildlife through freshwater swimming holes and towering canyons. 

Head out on a 4×4 trip and be sure to take in these top three attractions:

  • The small town of Broome with its frangipani trees, tropical climate, and white beaches.
  • The Gibbs Road where sandstone cliffs tower over the savannah.
  • The South Sea pearls of Cygnet Bay.

The El Questro Wilderness Park is a top travel destination where you can wander along trails to see huge canyons,  ancient rock art, and huge mountain ranges.

Be sure to take a dip in one of the pristine pools you’re bound to encounter along the way.

Daintree Rainforest

Another natural treasure, Daintree abounds with over 430 species of birds. Catch up with some of them while strolling along the forest boardwalk or go in search of saltwater crocs among the mangroves.

A guided tour of this ancient forest is the best way to discover its denizens hidden in the undergrowth. Daintree is full of surprises, from green-eyed tree frogs to jungle pythons.  

For those who like a little less action, a picnic among the vast white sands of Cape Tribulation does the trick. 

The Great Barrier Reef

You’ll really have to go down under if you want to see this scenic wonderland at its loveliest. It’s located off the coast of Queensland and most commonly visited through Airlie Beach tours that take you to all the best parts that are underwater.

Here you can spot tropical fish and gorgeous corals among the 900 tiny islands that make up this World Heritage Site.

Snorkeling amid this tropical abundance is one of the best Australia or New Zealand travel adventures out there. 

This is the home of over 1,500 species of fish and one-third of the planet’s soft corals. There are 30 species of mammals found in these waters, including the shy dugong.  

Melbourne and Surrounds

Apart from its excellent shopping and entertainment opportunities, Melbourne is the perfect place to embark on scenic day trips.

Some of the pretty places in this part of the world include:

  • The Yarra Valley Winelands
  • Great Ocean Road along the coast
  • Mount Dandenong Tourist Road and Lake Mountain

Australia is a huge place, but getting around is a feast for the senses with gorgeous landscapes all along the way.

New Zealand’s Most Scenic Spots

New Zealand is a land of sweeping mountainsides and dense forests, as seen in Lord of the Rings.

Don’t miss these top scenic spots when you visit this lovely welcoming country –


Appropriately named, Northland occupies New Zealand’s far north and is a tropical environment filled with gorgeous sights.

It’s sandwiched between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so glorious white beaches are in no short supply. Be sure to put Ninety Mile Beach on your list when you visit.

The tranquil Bay of Islands is another must-see, along with the Waipoua Forest with its huge kauri trees.  

Hawke’s Bay

While it’s still a wonderful place to catch a wave, Hawke’s Bay is best known for its pastoral beauty.

Take it all in on a hot air balloon trip over the orchards and vineyards, go trout fishing,  or admire Napier’s incredible architecture.

The West Coast

New Zealand’s West Coast overflows with charming attractions. Explore this abundance of tussocked hills, deep valleys, river flats, and forests on a bike or on foot. 

Charming gold-rush towns, clear lakes, limestone arches, and caves abound in this beautiful area which is famous for its huge glaciers, Pancake Rocks, and gushing blowholes.

The Waikato River

In places, the Waikato river is so blue it looks like someone’s put an Instagram filter on it. This crystal clear water winds lazily along until it cascades dramatically down the 11m high Huka Falls.

You can watch the power of nature at work from a footbridge over the top of the falls where 220 000 liters of water gushes over the steep rocks every second.

Walks alongside this mighty watercourse reveal this incredible sight from closer up. The truly brave can witness the onslaught from a boat cruise in the waters below the falls. 

Abel Tasman National Park

If you can’t get enough of lush forests, white beaches, and turquoise lagoons, take a trip to Abel Tasman National Park. Hiking, snorkeling, boating, and kayaking among these tropical scenes are the top activities here.

A walk along the Coastal Track reveals clear mountain pools for swimming in and abundant birdlife.

This may be New Zealand’s smallest national park but it packs a big punch when it comes to natural abundance. 

Southern Lakes

Southern Lakes is best known for the high-adrenalin activities centered on Queenstown. There’s a lot for more laid-back sightseers to love here too.

Here, golden hills tower over a wild craggy coastline and deep alpine lakes. Visitors can take it all in on boat trips and helicopter flips over the countryside or walk and cycle to their heart’s content. 


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Last Updated on November 18, 2022

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