Morikami Gardens: Beautiful Japanese Gardens in Florida

South Florida and Japan have a long history together – much to my surprise. I have always found the Japanese culture to be truly different and intriguing, and have been pulled many times to visit Japanese Gardens wherever I visit. For the past four years, I’ve been visiting my parents in Florida and only now realized there was a gem waiting to be discovered only thirty minutes from their house – Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum in Florida.

What I like to do is have certain days when I enjoy doing different activities with just one of my sons at a time. To have more quality time with each one. For our Japanese Gardens excursion, I took my baby with me.

Facts about Morikami Gardens and Japanese Culture of Florida:

1. In the early 1900s there was a surge of Japanese farmers moving to the area – they became the Yamato Colony

2. Around the 1930’s the colony left because they never made their dreams come true

3. However, one settler stayed – George Morakami – to continue farming the land

4. He always had a dream – to build a memorial to the Yamato Colony

5. In the 1970’s he did just that when he was 80 years old

6. Today, Morikami has a Museum and a movie theater to give a better history of the place and George Morikami life.  And beautifully manicured and preserved.

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Morikami Japanese Gardens in Photos

The lake and gardens

morikami gardens japanese botanical garden florida

Art Works around the Gardens

morikami botanical gardens

Japanese doorways and gateways

botanical garden in florida
South Florida Japanese Garden

Japanese ancient tools

acient tools at a japanese garden in florida

Japanese Typical House – Interactive Museum

house at morikami botanical gardens

Japanese classroom

classroom at morikami botanical gardens

Japanese food

japanese food at a japanese botanical garden florida

Japanese Dining room

japan dinning room at japanese garden south florida

Feeding the Fish

watching koi at a japanese botanical garden florida

Our Friend – Buddha

buddha at morikami botanical gardens fl

My Take On Morikami Gardens

The Japanese Gardens are simply gorgeous.  The paths are easy to walk around on, and there is plenty to see. I enjoyed the interactive Japanese House where you can learn about life in a modern Japanese family from the schooling they have to how they live and eat.

I brought my baby with me, and he was simply excited to have his mommy all to himself. However, this is something more fun to do with teens and adults rather than smaller kids.

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Information needed for Morikami Gardens:

Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden
Hours: Tue – sun: 10:00 – 17:00
Address: 4000 Morikami Park Road • Delray Beach 33446
Phone: 561-495-0233
Cost: Adults (ages 18+) $13* / Seniors (ages 65 & over) $12* / Children (ages 6-17) FREE for children 5 & under $8 / Students (with valid ID)   $8 (tax not included)

Last Updated on September 8, 2023

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