Monthsary Celebration Ideas: 7 Destinations to Visit With Your Partner

Aah, the monthsary, the celebration for the true romantics out there. For those that have not heard the term, it is simply a monthly anniversary celebration. It could be celebrating your wedding day, the day you met, or the day you knew it was love. Whatever the reason, it is a great way to keep the romance alive 12 months of the year. You still celebrate the main anniversary, but the monthsary gives you another 11 occasions throughout the year to enjoy a romantic moment. Seven amazing honeymoon destinations to visit in your monthsary.

Honeymoon Destinations

Destinations for a Monthsary Celebration

Romantic getaways are an excellent way to celebrate love. There are many great destinations, but we have narrowed it down to our favorite seven.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an ideal romantic destination with pristine white beaches, beautiful sunsets, and clear blue water. There are many stunning beaches to relax and enjoy each other’s company, interesting and romantic restaurants, and some great nightlife if that is what you are after.

If you tire of the beach, there is plenty to see inland as well. Transport is inexpensive so you can explore the area and soak up the local culture, visit the markets and browse the shops in different destinations. There are some amazing natural wonders to see such as impressive waterfalls. Take a romantic walk to get a closer view. There are also historic sites to visit such as the 15th-century temple, Tanah Lot.


Get into the heart of Africa for a romantic experience like nothing else. Just because it is wild Africa, that does not mean you will have to rough it. There are a number of luxury accommodation options and the service and setting in the safari lodges is world-class.

The landscape is breathtaking and you will get to see lion, elephants, giraffe,s and a host of other animals. A sunset safari drive is exhilarating and romantic at the same time. You will be back in time for cocktails before an outstanding meal.

Honeymoon Destinations

Fez, Morocco

Many people may be surprised to see Morocco on a list of romantic getaways but it is one of the most quaint, historic destinations that just brings out the love. In fact, it is right up there with Paris or Venice.

There is so much to see and experience from the historic areas, the ancient streets and the charming tea gardens. The food is spicy and aromatic giving your taste buds a new experience. Accommodation is plentiful and there are numerous spas and even ski slopes nearby for the more adventurous.

Greek Isles, the Cyclades

The Greek Isles are a beautiful honeymoon destination or any romantic trip. Although there are many great areas, the Cyclades is one of the better monthsary celebration ideas. The weather and beaches are the main attraction the food is out of this world.

The water is crystal clear and there is much to see and do in the immediate area. If you feel energetic, there are mountains nearby and a number of enjoyable walks. You can’t go wrong with the Greek Isles for a romantic break.

Kerala, India

India has a mystic charm to it and there are many romantic options. Kerala has a lot to offer, from tropical forests to perfect beaches. An excellent romantic idea for you and your partner is to enjoy the ayurvedic treatments or relax together in one of the many spas.

Another romantic pastime is to take a cruise along the waterways and take in the rich culture and amazing sights.

Honeymoon Destinations

Maui, Hawaii

Maui needs no introduction, and just the name gives you a mental picture of sipping exotic cocktails on a pristine beach with palm trees around you. The beaches are amongst the best in the world but there is so much more to Hawaii. There are fascinating nature reserves where you can see unusual plants and animals, historic villages to explore, and wonderful hikes through the scenic valleys.

The locals are friendly and accommodating, and they have some excellent hotels and resorts. The food is simply delicious and always fresh and plentiful. Maui is definitely one of the top romantic beach destinations in the world and is great year-round.

Paris, France

What would a list of top honeymoon destinations be without mentioning Paris, the capital of romance? Dinners do not get more romantic than a candlelit table in a quint bistro or even sipping wine on the pavement cafes. The quality of the food goes without saying.

There are art and culture to tantalize any taste and the entire place just oozes romance. You can do as little or as much as you like but whatever your choice, it is bound to be romantic and enjoyable. Paris is perfect for a monthsary.

We could go on as there are many other great honeymoon destinations but none of these seven will disappoint. Rekindle your romance with a visit to any of the locations and watch the love grow.

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

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