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Monterrico, Guatemala Short Travel Guide

Short Guide to Monterrico in Guatemala

Monterrico in Guatemala

Monterrico, Guatemala

When visiting Guatemala the usual suspects of places to visit are: Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and Tikal.

If you’re adventurous and have more time, next on the list would be: Rio Dulce, Livingston, Lanquin and Semuc Champey.

Yet, what most people miss out on is Monterrico, Guatemala and other beach areas.

What To Do, See, and Stay in Monterrico, Guatemala

Turtle Release Program and Hatchery

Without a doubt, this is the most incredible attraction about Monterrico. It is a rare and amazing moment when you get to hold a day old turtle in your hand and then release it into theBig Blue or dark sea, as it is in Monterrico.

Turtles going off to Sea - Monterrico, Guatemala

If you can come for just this experience, you will never regret it and your kids will be remembering it forever!

Monterrico Beach

Monterrico fun in Guatemala

Of course, you come here for the beach. The black, volcanic sand is so fun to play in and perfect for building and creating in as well.

Black, Volcanic Sand fun at Monterrico, Guatemala

However, it’s important to note, this is not a beach for swimming. The riptide is terrible and the waves can be relentless. Actually, this is the very reason it’s perfect for turtles. They love the surf.

Playing in the Surf - Monterrico in Guatemala

Monterrico Town in Guatemala

I love towns where the main roads are made of dirt and sand. They just add to the uniqueness of the village.

Main Road of Monterrico, Guatemala

Aside from being one main street there are cute local eateries.

Dining of Monterrico, Guatemala

Guatemalan Street Food Stands in the center of town.

Food Stands - Monterrico, Guatemala

Shopping time – local jewelry.

Jewelry Stalls - Monterrico, Guatemala

Local Street Art – is it worth buying?

Street Art - Monterrico, Guatemala

Main Street of Monterrico welcomes you.

Main Street of Monterrico, Guatemala

Daily Life of Monterrico Locals in Guatemala

Daily Life of locals in Monterrico, Guatemala

Playing with fish swimming around in the sidewalks on the main street – possible turns into dinner when no one is looking.

Checking out the Fish of - Monterrico, Guatemala

My favorite thing was that you can enjoy a cold Michelada Draft while walking around in a bathing suit and flip-flops. It’s totally different from a Colombian Michelada.

Michelada Draft - My Monterico Drink

And this is the big supermarket in town and where you buy Micheladas, Ice T’s and other important necessities to survive the heat.

Monterrico Supermarket

Monterrico, Guatemala Ferry

I love the quote, “Getting there is half the fun”. In this case, it’s so true. Before the new bridge was built and you can drive directly to Monterrico, you had to take a ferry through the mangroves and canals.

Car and People Ferry - Monterrico, Guatemala

But it’s no ordinary ferry and service, making this one of the funniest parts of visiting Monterrico in Guatemala.

Car Ferry - Monterrico, Guatemala

Getting the car on this ancient ferry is a feat in itself and involves the whole village to pitch in.

Directing Car off Ferry - Monterrico, Guatemala

Waiting is half the fun

Cool Coconut Water - Monterrico, Guatemala

Chilling with my boys on the ride

Enjoying the ride - Monterrico, Guatemala

Life on the canal – this place is called home to some people

Life on Mangrove Canal - Monterrico, Guatemala

Oh wait, traffic jam

Traffic on the Mangrove Canal - Monterrico, Guatemala

We have arrived

Arriving from Monterrico

You can still do either option. The bridge costs around $2 to drive over, and it’s not much of a drive. Or you can pay $10 for the ferry and have a blast!

Lodging and Serious Pool Time

What’s a hot beach destination without pool fun. Especially visiting with kids.

Pool fun - Atelie Del Mar Hotel - Monterrico, Guatemala

Monterrico is extremely hot. And during certain times of the year, has way too many mosquitos.

So when I searched for a hotel for my family, it had to have two requisites:

1. Air Conditioner – to keep us cool and not let in any flying insects

2. Pool and garden

I found Hotel Atelie del Mar which had everything I was looking for.

Atelie Del Mar Hotel - Monterrico, Guatemala

The tropical hotel had the biggest pool we have ever seen in any hotel we have stayed at in a long time. And we stay in many hotels.

Olympic size pool at -Atelie Del Mar Hotel - Monterrico, Guatemala

The hotel is very simple, with cable and a restaurant with lots of options for lunch and dinner.

Fish For Dinner - Atelie Del Mar Hotel - Monterrico, Guatemala

Typical Chapin breakfasts are included in your price for the night. And nothing beats eating breakfast outside on a patio.

Breakfast at Atelie Del Mar Hotel - Monterrico, Guatemala

The owner’s Stig and Violeta are very accommodating. Violeta, from meeting her, seemed to be a very special and lovely person. Even though she is 90% blind, her colorful artworks are displayed all over the hotel, bringing it to life.

Lounging at Atelie Del Mar Hotel - Monterrico, Guatemala

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5 thoughts on “Monterrico, Guatemala Short Travel Guide

  1. I have always loved ferry boats though the one to Monterrico looks especially wonderful! What a gorgeous ride on the canal! Thank you for the introduction to the area and to it’s very laid back ways!

  2. Really like this post. Guatemala is somewhere we want to go over the next year so these are great tips. The fish looks great!
    Frank (bbqboy)

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