Monoloco Restaurant, Antigua: Best Sports Bar and Party Place


entrance to monoloco antigua

Today we’re gonna be talking about Monoloco in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

MonoLoco is probably one of the oldest restaurants in Antigua. I remember when I first arrived here 22 years ago, just as a backpacker traveling, this was the place to be. It is still located in the same exact spot, which is one block off from the main Central Park.

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Monoloco Antigua

It is two floors of restaurants, they have the downstairs, which is probably one of the most popular sports bars in all of Antigua because they’ve got every kind of satellite you can imagine having every kind of sport from all over the world. So it’s the best place to watch stuff that is not only Latin America, especially for the Super Bowl, it’s one of the most popular places.

Humongous Nacho Dishes

They are known for their humongous nacho dishes. That is literally what they are known for. And their alcohol and their Guatemalan drinks and their lady’s night. And it’s a party place, but during the day, it could be a fun family place.

I remember when we first moved here almost 14 years ago, we were taking our oldest son, who was then not even six, to this place because their logo is a monkey. So it’s Mono Loco – crazy monkey.

The nachos, you can’t go wrong with the nachos. And we used to go there, and that was one of his favorite places to go. And then I and my husband revisited recently in the late evenings, and they have happy hours and ladies night. I mean, it’s a place to drink, watch sports, and meet other young people, although there were quite a lot of middle-aged people as well.

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nachos monoloco antigua


So it’s just a fun spot.  It’s been there for so long, as long as I can remember. I think it’s been there already by the time I got there, even longer. So it used to be one of the party places. Now there are so many restaurants and so many bars that it kind of gets lost.

But it was like one of the iconic restaurant bars of Antigua, Guatemala, and you can still go and visit it. And if you like, nachos, are definitely one of the best places for nachos.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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