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What Is The National Drink Of Cuba? Mojitos – The True Cuba Drink

What makes the perfect Mojito, the true Cuba Drink?

For one, being in Cuba and using real Cuban Rum!

Cuban mojito with cuban rum in havana
Mojito – Straight from Cuba

What Do They Drink in Cuba?

Not good enough? I know of another thing that can make a signature Cuba Drink perfect:

I’ve been drinking Mojitos since I first arrived to Central America over twelve years ago. I was drinking these babies before NYC called them trendy and began showing ‘the man’ that they too can be daring enough to serve a Cuban drink in their overrated bars. Fun fact about Cuba: You can find mojitos almost in every restaurant.

Drinking a cuban mojito in cuba
Me and My Mojito

And two, nothing beats a true Mojito made by a cute Cuban guy with Havana Rum and plenty of sugar from the homeland!

cuban bar
Cute Cuban Bartender

Cuba Drink – The Authentic Cuban Mojitos


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