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Mobile key Locksmith Car Key Replacement – Eddie and Sons Locksmith

Did you just lose your car key and you need a new one quickly on the spot, Eddie and Sons Locksmith offers key replacement service for all kinds of cars. If you locked your keys in the car, or you are in some kind of emergency because you misplaced your key, our professionals offer 24/7 key replacement services for all makes and models of cars in Manhattan, NY. We know the kind of keys that your cars need when we see them and we won’t waste much time cutting you a new one on the spot. We have the knowledge, the skills, and the tools to help you cut better and more durable keys. We can also help you supply the best keys from the best manufacturers in the industry and you can count on a key locksmith always.

Fast And Effective Lock Rekey

If you need a professional mobile key locksmith for your home, office, or car, visit to book an appointment with our professionals at Eddie and Sons Locksmith.  Lock rekey is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way you can secure your home. If you just moved into a new apartment, you lost your keys or it got stolen. You don’t need to change your lock completely as the lock rekey will sort out all the issues.  When you visit, get in touch with a mobile key locksmith and our professionals will be there to help you.  With lock rekey, we will help you change the pin in your lock, and henceforth, it will only open when a new key is used rather than the old key.

Great Key Duplication

Our mobile key locksmith at Eddie and Sons Locksmith provides the best key duplication service in Manhattan, NY. When you follow us on facebook for new security updates, you will understand how professional we are and how we can help you.  Having different copies of your keys will save you in so many more emergencies than you can imagine. When you have several copies of your keys, you can quickly pick another one, when you lose a copy.  You will need duplicates when you need to share the keys with some members of your family such as your wife and kids. When they misplace theirs, you can use yours to open the doors. Our mobile key locksmith near me offers key duplication at a very affordable price and you will receive your keys immediately.  Visit us now.

Key Programming For Your Cars

Our mobile key locksmith offers a wide range of auto locksmith services such as auto key programming and so on. Did you lock your keys in the car, or you lost your keys, or maybe you need a new ignition for your car, our mobile key locksmith is available to help you out. Regardless of the kind of car you are using, whether the old classic cars or the recent exotic cars, our professionals can help you program a new key to it without any hassle.  We have every tool to carry out this service effectively and quickly. Just get in touch with us.

Emergency Key Locksmith Service

Keys get lost when you least expect them to, kids can play with them and misplace them. You may be trying to turn it inside the lock and it will get broken. When any of these happens, you will need a quick and reliable mobile key locksmith to come and help you cut a new one asap. Our professionals are always ready to help whether day or night, and we respond quickly.

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