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Mobile – A Clear Winner

2018 is looking healthy for the mobile web and the shift towards mobile uses is greater than expected with the move from desktop use happening a good deal faster than many predicted.Computing is rapidly shifting towards the more mobile uses threatening those businesses that rely on PC’s.On this war mobile is clear winner.

Mobille Uses

In fact, there are more websites loaded onto our smartphones and tablets than onto our desktops, and this alone shows us that computing is rapidly shifting towards the more portable devices threatening those businesses that rely on the traditional PC’s.

Statistic tell us that in October of 2017 over 50% of pages were loaded via a mobile device, overtaking both desktop and laptop computers.  If you take into consideration that this percentage is up from less than 5% back in 2010 and less than 25% only three years ago it becomes apparent that the growth of more powerful smartphones as well as the reliability of high-speed mobile networks has proven to be a great success.

This has led to many industries that rely on the world-wide-web to operate facing challenges with even Google being affected as it has felt the decline of advertising clicks because of the smartphone.

This rapid shift towards everything mobile is not so surprising when you take into account what the smartphone especially offers us. Here are a few Travel Apps that are fun to use as well.

We all lead busy lives, and it seems sometimes there are never enough hours in the day to complete what we want to do. Many of turn to our mobile devices to complete tasks that would have eaten into our daily lives and have come to rely on our smartphones fare more than we realize.

For instance, how would you feel if you left your mobile at home or had it stolen?  The majority of people when asked answered ‘I would feel lost’ to ‘it would be a disaster if I had my mobile stolen.’

There is no getting around it anymore, the mobile is now the essential piece of kit to own and it’s also a major fashion accessory too.

Strangely, making a call is not high on the list of smartphone owners, who tend to keep In Touch with family and friends via their social media sites instead, and a high percentage of people admit to never switching off their phones at all. Of course, texting is still as popular as ever as is sending an email.

Besides carrying out tasks like banking, browsing and paying for goods and services online a great number of smartphone users turn to sites like Fruity King for some fun and entertainment when they have a few spare minutes. Sites like Fruity King are fully optimized for the mobile phone and provide a sound and trustworthy site for many people to enjoy some games action wherever they happen to be.

This convenience that mobile devices offer us really is the key to the success of the smartphone and as technology advances even further we can only expect our experiences to match that advancement with even better devices on offer.

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