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Women’s Wave Rider 20 G-TX by Mizuno More than a Trail Running Shoe

My hobbies include hiking, running, and lifting weights. There are times when I enjoy mixing two of them and going to some nearby mountain for a run. Because I also do a lot of running on a local track and at the gym, I decided to get a pair of those running shoes that say they work for both environments. At first, they seemed to work fine, but I started noticing some pain in my calves. They had a great grip, but I would get blister any time I wore them for a trail run. However, they worked perfectly and were incredibly comfortable if I wore them for shorter runs at the track. That’s why I try the Women’s Wave Rider 20 G-TX by Mizuno, and here’s my review.

Women's Wave Rider 20 G-TX by Mizuno

I knew I had to get a new pair that would allow me to enjoy those long runs in the middle of the forest even more.

My boyfriend who has been an athlete since he can remember told me about this brand that I never heard of before called Mizuno. According to him, these shoes were extremely durable and comfortable and that I should take a look at their website, so I did.

Women’s Wave Rider 20 G-TX by Mizuno

After watching a few reviews of their shoes and exploring their website I went for the Women’s Wave Rider 20 G-TX.

I chose these because all of the reviews I found were raving about how comfortable they were and for its amazing grip. I also noticed in their description on the website that they have the Gore-tex technology (A membrane that prevents water from coming into the shoe and at the same time allows moisture to leave) which is something that I always look for when I search for hiking boots and it would be extremely helpful to have shoes that worked the same way. Having dry feet is always a nice thing, especially on long runs where the extra moisture can cause blisters.

Women's Wave Rider 20 G-TX by Mizuno trail running shoes

The first thing that I noticed when I finally got my shoes was how sturdy they are. The sides and the heel felt very stiff so I worried a bit that they would be uncomfortable or not move along with my feet.

That next Sunday I put them on and went for a run on a nearby mountain. I hadn’t even left the house and as already surprised about how tall and cushioned they felt. I also enjoyed their stretchy laces. They make them feel even more comfortable.

The first eight blocks were over a cobblestone street which is always annoying for me because the stones make me go so slow due to instability. But the Wave Riders made me feel quite safe. If anything the stiffness that worried me at first sight was what made them so stable and comfortable. Plus the thick sole allowed me to go through those stones without feeling any sharp edges.

wave rider 20 women's

Then I finally got to the trail and was finally able to understand what all those reviews were talking about. The stretchy laces allowed the shoes to move with my feet, even on muddy trails they maintained a great grip and never allowed water from puddles to go in, but at the same time the mesh kept my feet fresh.

Since then I have also worn them to the local track (a modest dust track), on asphalt and tartan. Each time they performed perfectly.

I haven’t worn them enough to tell you about how durable they are but so far they are holding up great. I would highly recommend them.

These shoes are also good for Tennis and other related sports.

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