Mistakes To Avoid When Applying – China Visa Application Form

Are you going to visit China for the first time? It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting China for the first time or many times, Visa is essential! If you are applying Visa to China, you need to fill the application form online. When applying application form online, you need to be very careful and fill the application form with the appropriate care. Stay ahead with the following article and know the mistakes to be avoided when applying for China visa!

Mistakes To Avoid When Applying China Visa Application Form

Common mistakes to avoid when applying China visa application form:

It doesn’t matter whether a mistake is small or bigger, you need to avoid some mistakes to avoid getting rejected.

  • Filling an outdated application form:

When it comes to applying china visa application form, make sure you are choosing the current version of application form. If you are filling an outdated application form, your application form might get rejection. You can find the current version of application form at the official site of Chinese Visa Application Centre.

  • Handwritten application should not be accepted:

When you are applying for visa to China, handwritten application should not be accepted anywhere. You need to download the application form online at first and fill the necessary information in all blank section. After that, you need to take print out of the application form with hand signature and date by hand. In the application form, only signature and date should be written on hand.

  • Taking your own photo:

When applying Visa to China, you should not stick the photograph that taken on your own at home. The photograph should be colored and you need to take photo at a professional photo shop. A photo should be clear and avoid sticking unclear passport sized photograph on the application form.

  • Leaving any section blank:

You need to fill all the blanks in the application form and you should not leave even a single column empty. If Consulate sees any of the blank boxes, there is a chance to reject the application form. If you leave any section and filling an empty box with a pen should not be allowed. Therefore, it is always important to check the application form whether the pages are filled properly.

  • Forget to put your signature and date:

An application form without your signature and date can be rejected. As mentioned above, you should sign and put date on the application form with a pen! Even if the application form is completed by an agent, you have to sign a document by yourself. If you are getting Visa to China for your kids, parents can sign a document on behalf.

  • Mention wrong information:

If you have mentioned any wrong information on the application form, your application form can be rejected. You need to submit necessary information and documents to avoid getting rejection. Do not use any short forms when applying application form. China visa application can be determined since it is easy for some people and difficult for some others.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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