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Minimum & Maximum Bets in Slots: Is There a Difference?

Analyzing whether there’s a difference between a minimum and maximum bet in slots may immediately seem trite – prøv spilleautomater i dag. The obvious answer is, well yes, of course there is. How can two different things, at contrasting ends of a spectrum possible be the same?Maximum and minimum Bets in Slots will help you on your next trip to one of the many gambling destinations in the world.

However, anyone who has played online slots will know that it’s more nuanced than that.

Bets in Slots

Does how much you bet affect your chances?

There’s a thought amongst some gamblers that if you place bigger bets, you’re more likely to win. This is a huge misconception. The random number generator (RNG) used in the slot game determines the outcome of each spin.

Therefore, whatever you bet, the outcome is always totally random. It doesn’t matter whether you bet the maximum amount or the minimum amount per spin. Betting higher amounts only means you win more, if you do win.

Volatility in slots machines

Another topic that splits opinion amongst online gamblers is whether the slot game is more volatile depending on how large the jackpot is.

In general, you can consider that this is indeed the case. After all, it does make economic sense. Slot machine developers and online casinos need to make a profit. In short, the more money players spend on the slot game, the more money the software providers and the online casinos make.

Even so, the more people play, the bigger the jackpot can then be. It’s a bit like the expression “the more, the merrier”. If more gamblers are playing the game, then the developers can afford to raise the jackpot a little more. This then entices more players to play, each thinking they can win, and so on and so forth.

Anyway, regarding volatility, and in the hypothetical situation that you do win, if you want the maximum possible win within the confines of your bankroll, you have to risk more money. Therefore, the more money you risk, the prizes can be lucrative if you do win.

This leads us on to analyzing how much to bet, and maybe upping your wagered amounts towards maximum. Assuming you find a slot machine with a good RTP percentage that is paying out well, it may be a good idea to start betting your maximum amount.

For example, if the maximum pay-out is 1000x your bet, you’ll make £999 on a £1 bet or £4995 on a £5 bet. Surely that’s too good a possibility to let slip away?

So when is a good time to go low?

If you want to play a lot of different online slots games in one sitting, and you have a limited bankroll, then playing minimum bets allows you to spread your limited money around.

One great example of spreading your money around is when you test the games in a new casino. It’s the gambling version of dipping your toe in the water. If you’re new to the game, bet low amounts and see what the pay-outs are like, and if you’re comfortable on the game.

If you’re confused by the game’s rules, make minimum bets until you understand what’s going on. There’s no need to rush into making maximum bets until the time’s right for you. 

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