Milan Travel Guide – A Perfect Choice for Spending a Vacation

Italy in Europe is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world which attracts a lot of people from various countries. It is an ideal one for celebrating a honeymoon and vacation with a loved one accordingly. Milan in Italy is a beautiful and fashionable city which is well-known for its unique buildings and other things. Another thing is that it has a rich history including art and culture enabling tourists to know more about them in detail.Milan Travel Guide where you will find recommendations on hotels, places to visit and look at this ten travel tips that will be very useful.

The local people are very friendly and helpful allowing visitors to ensure a great experience while making a trip. In fact, they will guide foreign nationals when they like to visit certain important places in Milan. Those who visit Milan for the first time should follow important tips for making the trip a successful one. Moreover, they will help a lot to experience peace of mind on a tour. Those who want to tour Milan should get ideas from various sources to overcome complications.

Milan Travel Guide

Although there are several things to do in Milan, yet visitors should not miss some places in the city on a trip.

Milan Travel Guide – Things to Do

1. Museo del Novecento

Museo del Novecento is a remarkable gallery located in Milan where visitors can find a collection of 20th– century Italian works. The structure built around a futuristic spiral ramp enabling tourists to enjoy the views of Piazza Duomo and the stunning cathedral. Visitors can even buy the tickets online before making a trip to the gallery.

2. Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco is a surprising monument that covers a wide range of museums that trace to the city’s past. The monument is a perfect destination for those who want to spend their weekend with their family and children. Visitors who want to explore the underground rooms and castle battlements can get more information on them from respective authorities before making a trip.

3. Cimitero Monumentale

CimiteroMonumentale is a veritable open-air museum that covers a wide range of tombs with significant artworks. Spread over 250,000 square meters, the cemetery includes a collection of Italian sculptures and other things including Greek temples and obelisks.

4. Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada is a museum in Milan enabling visitors to explore contemporary and modern art in the city. One can find the collection of paintings, film screenings, events, and other artistic works.

5. Pizza shops

Italian pizza is a popular one in various parts of the world and there are several shops which offer different varieties with unique taste. Moreover, they are well-prepared with the best ingredients thereby showing ways to get a different experience. Visitors can even order them online after knowing the details.

Travel tips to Milan

1. Knowing some basic words in the Italian language

Italian is the language spoken in Milan and not visitors should know some basic words while making a trip. Not all people in the city speak English and learning a little bit of the language will help to overcome communication problems. Furthermore, visitors can even read some important instructions on the roads and other places to avoid unwanted issues.

2. Using public transportation

Subways and buses are the most popular transport means in Milan enabling visitors to reach other parts in quick turnaround time. It is possible to buy the tickets from Bacchi cafés, magazine and newspaper stand. The tickets are valid for 90 minutes allowing visitors to use any transport accordingly.

3. Tipping

Tipping is usually allowed in the restaurants and cafes of Milan. Visitors can offer a 10% tip of the total bill. Anyone who wants to save tipping money can visit” Autogrill” coffee houses for lunch because they serve buffet meals at affordable rates.

4. Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in Milan and visitors can know them by finding no-smoking symbols. On the other hand, many pubs and bars provide the option for smoking allowing visitors to enjoy the same.

5. Bringing an umbrella or raincoat

Milan often faces rainy seasons and visitors should bring an umbrella or raincoat for managing them with ease.

6. Safety

Visitors should take care of their personal belongings carefully while traveling to some places in Milan. This, in turn, gives ways to prevent bag snatching and pickpocketing for getting peace of mind.

7. Knowing the convenient time

A majority of banks, financial institutions, and hotels will close their services from 14.00 to 16.00 pm in the afternoon. Similarly, the religious attractions won’t allow visitors during service and lunch break. Hence, it is advisable to know a convenient time before visiting them.

8. Taxi services

It is not possible to catch a taxi in Milan while traveling on the roads and visitors should move closer to any transportation stop for overcoming unwanted problems to a large extent.

9. Buying a RicaricaMI card

Visitors who want to stay in Milan for a few days should consider buying a RicaricaMI card for using public transportation. In addition, they can top up the card easily that can help make a trip without any difficulties. One can purchase the same at ATM points located inside the metro stations.

10. Best time to visit Milan

It is an important one to know the best time to visit Milan before making a trip. Tourists should consider visiting the city from April to May or from September to October. It is advisable to avoid visiting Milan in August month.

Where to stay in Milan?

Milan is an expensive city and there are some budgets hotels available for visitors apart from star hotels. The budget hotels in Milan offer various types of packages at reasonable prices thereby showing ways to plan a trip with family and others. They also cover the best amenities for guests enabling them to witness complete satisfaction.

Nowadays, there are several hotel websites that provide packages at discounted prices letting visitors save more money. However, it is a wise one to evaluate them with special attention to choose the right one depending on the requirements. Visitors can even make advanced hotel booking online before one or two weeks to meet essential needs on a trip.

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