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Migrating to Canada from UAE Dubai: Things You Should Know

Canada offers the best opportunities for immigration for skilled workers and business people. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an important source of Canadian permanent residents. Several skilled professionals, including engineers, IT professionals, and Managers in the early years of their career, choose UAE for job experience. After getting years of experience in the corporate culture of the UAE, they become eligible for Canadian immigration.

In an immigration levels plan released in February 2022, the federal government announced its intention to welcome more than 1.3 million new permanent residents between now and 2024.

As you get ready to embrace your welcome to Canada, it’s very important to know that some things are expected to be done differently than what you are thinking or doing in UAE or your country.

This article will align the right path to integrating into Canadian life and might save you money & time and make your process of immigration from Dubai a lot easier and stress-free. Less misunderstanding and sensible expectations before moving to Canada will increase your success rate.

Selection of Immigration Consultant 

Do you know that there are more than 55 plus Canadian immigration streams? If you don’t, the first step into immigration is a selection of reliable immigration consultants. It will save you a ton of time. Even for a simple immigration case, all the forms and instruction guides online will consume a lot of time. In a city like Dubai, not everyone has the time for, filling the forms and prepare the documentation. Not everyone understands the process, so to make it easy, you can choose AINIT. They are the best immigration consultant in Dubai with in-depth knowledge about Canadian and Australian immigration programs and offer the best services. They can save your time and energy and make your immigration hassle-free. Also, consult you with the best advice after reviewing your profile in detail.

Canada Weather

Eager to Immigrate but can’t choose between sun and snow? In Canada, you can have both options except living on the BC coast or, to a lesser degree, in parts of Southern Ontario, you will experience cold, snowy winters and hot summers, with short in-between seasons.

Suppose you go from hot countries like UAE, where the temperature sometimes cross 45 Degree, to the bitter cold of a Canadian winter. In that case, it sure will surprise you before migrating to Canada, understand the climate of different states of Canada and choose what suits you and your family. It’s hard to describe how cold -25°C can feel, but you can prepare with the right clothing and attitude before traveling.

Canada Diversity

Multiculturalism is part of Canada, and the immigrants have received a warm welcome to Canada for a very long time. Diversity and multi-culture are part of the Canadian ethos, and it’s a part of the national policy of Canada.

Several Members of Parliament were born abroad. You will encounter various languages, religions, and cultures when entering Canada.

So you stick to your culture and value when you move to Canada, don’t need to let go of your culture or values after moving to Canada, 

The Job Hunt

Canada is a land of Opportunities and a huge requirement for engineering, medical, construction, and many more jobs. But, before you land a professional position in Canada, you should plan accordingly to ensure your welcome to Canada goes smoothly.

This means:

1. Bring enough funds to tide you through your first few months so you can live peacefully.

2. Don’t hesitate to get on a non-career job in the short term but always be on the lookout for your next career move so you can better understand the work culture.” Before getting hired by a certain company, first of all, find out whether they have a positive LMIA which means permission by the Canadian government to hire foreign workers.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

It’s very vital to understand your rights before moving to Canada, 

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees and ensure some political rights to Canadian citizens and civil rights to everyone who stays in Canada, so you can read these charters visible on research about your rights while staying in Canada so you can get all the facilitates and express yourself according to law. 

Healthcare OF Canada

Canada has the best healthcare system around the world for its excellence; the healthcare system is one of the pillars of Canada. The health system is delivered through a publicly-funded system. The best thing about it is that as a new immigrant, you don’t have to spend a single penny, and private entities provide almost all the services.

If you are a Permanent resident, you can receive and use provincial coverage, but all provinces have. Some provinces have to wait a few months for their provincial coverage; meanwhile, you can use travel insurance plans.

Temporary residents of Canada (e.g., holders of a working holiday visa in Canada) and visitors will require a privacy policy while staying in Canada. 

Driving license

Before driving on Canadian roads, you should understand the Canadian law about driving licenses. The good news is if you hold UAE Driver Licenses need a letter from RTA (Driving experience letter), which can be downloaded from the Dubai Police app. With that document, you can easily apply for the G1 License at 


Smokers must understand It is completely illegal to smoke in public places in Canada, especially in restaurants, stores, offices, hospitals, and other places of employment. And it also includes buildings and apartments, so if you are a chain smoker and want to save yourself from fines, avoid all costs.

You have permission to smoke in your own living space and vehicle (unless you have a minor with you.


Under Canada’s decentralized federal system, taxes are levied at multiple levels. Federal and provincial governments collect the taxes, depending on your employment agreement, and you get a tax refund every fiscal year.

Keep yourself updated 

Always keep yourself updated on immigration developments because changes happen regularly that can affect your move, but if you are updating, you can plan according to changes.

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