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Middle East Travel – Where To Go That Are Still Safe

A lot of people are hesitant towards the idea of going on a holiday in the Middle East. One of the reasons is because they fear their safety. Nonetheless, there are many destinations in the region that are safe for tourists, including those that we will recommend below.The safe places you can travel to when visiting the Middle East.Take a look at this article to learn all about middle east travel.

Middle East Travel - Where To Go That Are Still Safe
Photo by: Luca Nebuloni

Middle East Travel – Where to Go


This is one of the destinations wherein your safety is not a thing that you should be worried about. More than being safe, it can offer a memorable holiday, given the abundance of the activities that you can enjoy. Camels and souks are not the only attractions to indulge on during your luxury tour of Oman. One of the places that should be part of your itinerary is Muscat, which is the country’s capital. The Grand Mosque should not also be missed. It is made from Italian marble, which makes it look more magnificent. If you want to go shopping for unique souvenirs and other finds, head over to Muttrah Souk, which is a great place to look for pashminas, rugs, and spices, among others. If you are feeling more adventurous, head away from the city and explore sand tours. There are also museums, like in the case of the Bidaya Museum and Old Castle Museum, which will present excellent opportunities to explore the country’s history and culture.


Safe and hospitable – these are two of the words that can describe this country and should be more than enough for you to be convinced to give Jordan a visit. Although it is in the Middle East, your safety should not be an issue. One of the places that should be part of your itinerary is Wadi Rum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This desert is best explored through riding a 4×4 truck. Amman, the country’s capital, should be also explored. From ancient ruins to unique souks, you will not run out of attractions to see. In the desert you can also camp out under the stars, a truly wonderful experience. Jordan is also an excellent country to embark on a gastronomic feast. Mezze and hummus will surely give your appetite a treat. Make sure to also see the ancient city of Petra, which is the perfect place to discover history.


If there is just one reason why so many people flock to Israel, it’s Jerusalem – known as the holiest city in the world. Muslims, Christians and Jews consider this as a sacred city, which is why it is popular for people across different religions. Tel Aviv is also another good reason to plan a holiday in Israel. Its amazing nightlife and splendid beaches are just some of the reasons why it is touristy. If you want a unique experience, head to the Dead Sea, which is also known as the lowest place in Earth. This is no place for swimming. Rather, you will just be floating. Head to the south of the country and discover Negev Desert. In the north, Galilee is not to be missed. The latter is known for outdoor adventures. The best thing is that Israel is safe. In fact, it is even safer than many Western countries.

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