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Michael Wiener of Albuquerque New Mexico Shares Five Reasons to Travel Alone

Traveling with friends is a fun thing to do, but don’t limit yourself to only travel with others. While it’s fun to enjoy experiences with others, doing it on your own can be equally fulfilling.Once you finally go for it, traveling alone can become one of your favorite hobbies. Here, you have five reasons why you should travel alone.

Though traveling by yourself might seem intimidating, maybe even scary, it can also be exhilarating and rewarding. Sure, there are some times where it can be harder than if you had someone with you, but traveling with another person can also have its challenges.

Once you finally go for it, traveling alone can become one of your favorite hobbies. Here, Michael Wiener – a world-renowned license plate collector and travel enthusiast share five reasons why you should travel alone.

Reasons to Travel Alone

Top 5 Reasons to Travel Alone

  1. You’re in Control

When you’re planning a vacation with others, you have to consider their opinion, and you can’t change plans on a dime. Sure, it can be fun traveling with others, but that can also hinder the experience. Because you’re in control while you’re on your own, you can experience everything to the fullest and not have to answer to anyone else.

  1. Planning Is Easier

As mentioned above, you’re in control, which means planning is easier. That means you can pick the activities and places you want to go to without having to worry about someone else.

Also, if you decide to change your plans, you aren’t obligated to someone else, who wants to do something different.

  1. Meet New People

While traveling, you meet many new people. If you’re a people-person, you might want to take the time to get to know them, but having someone with you can get in the way of that.

Not having someone by your side can also make you seem more approachable, making it easier for a local to come up to you and strike up a conversation.

  1. Financing is Easier

Because you’re not bringing another person along, you’re cutting travel costs in half. While some people plan to travel together to split costs, they can often add up a little more for one person, while the other tags along for the ride. Then there’s trying to get someone to pay you back, which doesn’t always work out.

When you’re by yourself, you don’t have to worry about covering another person’s costs; all you have to worry about are your own charges.

  1. Improve Self-Confidence

While you might feel hesitant to go for it at first after you’ve traveled by yourself, you’re sure to have more confidence in yourself, and why wouldn’t you? You just went somewhere completely new, navigated on your own, and took care of yourself.

You’ll feel great knowing that you can manage traveling by yourself, and you might just want to do it again, now that you know you can.

About Michael Wiener:

Michael C. Wiener of Albuquerque New Mexico is a world-renowned license plate collector, researcher, and consultant. He is considered to be America’s leading authority regarding automobile license plates and motor vehicle licensing systems. By the time he was 23, he had visited all 50 states and has now explored over 100 countries across the globe. Mr. Wiener was elected as an Albuquerque City Councilor, a New Mexico State Senator, and a Bernalillo County Commissioner. He was elected twice as International President of the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA), and has been featured on HGTV’s Offbeat America,” CNBC News with Brian Williams, and appeared in an episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad and was featured in New Mexico Magazine. Michael Wiener serves as a consultant for motor vehicle departments, law enforcement agencies, and television and motion picture producers on subjects related to motor vehicles and automobile plate history. He has been nominated twice, by his peers, to the ALPCA Hall of Fame and was given the “Outstanding Leadership” Award by the Mid Region Council of Governments in 2013.

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