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What To Do With Kids in Miami Beach Photo Essay

My family and I have a tradition, every year while visiting my parents in the US around the holidays we always take a couple of weeks to explore one or two cities in the US. This year it was time for us to head to Miami Beach and find some find things to do as a family.

I never came here before I got married and had my sons so, it never crossed my mind to find things that boys could enjoy. So this was an interesting and fun challenge for me. Below is a list of all the fun things that kept us busy during our visit.

What To Do With Kids While Visiting Miami Beach

  • Sun Worship and build sandcastles on hot beaches with blue waters
  • Spend all your money with all the great shopping
  • Take day tours to the neighboring Keys
  • Have a huge assortment of great food to choose from 
  • Spy on sexy people of all ages
But it was popular long before the city was built. The pirates seemed to love visiting the beach to hide their treasures.

Two more things that make Miami Beach  popular:

  • Off of its coasts, you can dive in the middle of many wrecks.
  • Right next to the city you can find the only Everglades eco-system in the world

A photo essay filled with inspiration on things to do in Miami with kids

Views from our Beach Front hotel

Dancing and acrobats on the sand

Swimming in crystal blue waters

Building Sand Castles

Walking along the boardwalk and people watching

Our Luxury Hotel on Miami Beach

And Funky Kid Friendly Hotel Room on Miami Beach!

Overall, having an adventure in Miami with my boys was a lot of fun. There were plenty of kid-friendly things to do in it. Have you ever been here with your kids? What was your favorite thing to do?

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What To Do With Kids in Miami Beach Photo Essay

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