Meson Panza Verde, Antigua, Guatemala: Best Luxury Option


Whenever anyone talks about a romantic experience and delicious international-style food, this is always the first place mentioned both amongst Guatemalans and expats of Antigua. Today we’re going to be talking about Meson Panza Verde in Antigua, Guatemala

Meson Panza Verde has been in Guatemala for over 30 years. It is one of the most iconic hotels here other than Santo Domingo. Make sure to go and listen to podcasts all about Santo Domingo Hotel because it is an experience to be had.

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Meson Panza Verde, Antigua

Panza Verde is also one of those iconic hotels. It’s a much smaller environment. It’s a much smaller, very tough, and luxurious colonial-style hotel. It is done in a beautiful taste and is a magnificent hotel that has been here for quite some time. Definitely not low-budget or middle-budget, it is a high-end budget.

The hotel was opened in 1986 as one of the first luxury hotels in Antigua. The owner, who designed the place herself, has impeccable taste and an eye for detail, which she uses flawlessly with colonial style and European touches.

meson panza verde antigua guatemala entrance


The rooms there are beautiful. You get smaller standard rooms or larger suite styles. There are only a few hotel rooms, so it’s not a large hotel.

room meson panza verde antigua


They are well known for their restaurant. They have probably one of the top chefs coming in, and they have live music sometimes, but they also have a really beautiful experience. You could rent out the top part, the capula.

It’s like this little room, but it’s on the top floor of their terrace.

restaurant meson panza verde antigua

Private Dinner

You could just have a private romantic meal just for you. It’s a great place for people to get engaged. We celebrated a couple of our anniversaries there. You rent it out, and they decorate it for you.

You pay extra for the room, and then you pay for the meal as well. Furthermore, you could also do that if you are staying in a hotel. So make sure that you ask them for that private dinner. That’s what we did. We actually have done it several times because we live in Antigua.

We once went and rented out this area.  It’s a beautiful private room, but like I said, surrounded by a terrace. And you have the entire terrace pretty much to yourself. And also when you do it with your room, this is a beautiful service. We had a romantic getaway, and we also rented out the terrace area for our own private dinner. And they bring it to you, they serve you.

private dinner meson panza verde antigua


Panza Verde also has its own gallery, so you could visit it there. A lot of the local artists, and photographers, exhibit their work there as well, and that is included in your stay.

Panza Verde has one of the best galleries in town. Some of the most talented artists in all of Guatemala have exhibited here. If you aren’t staying at the hotel, or dining here, I highly recommend visiting the gallery.

gallery meson panza verde antigua guatemala


It’s just a magnificent experience. Something that I really recommend doing. Just the rental of that room without the dinner, without the hotel room, is $150. Then also the hotel rooms usually run between $250 to $500, depending on when you’re staying in and the kind of room that you are going to stay in as well.

Meson Panza Verde Photos

Pool Time – this is one of the sleekest pools I’ve seen

Pool - Panza Verde

Live Music is available a few nights a week

Live Music - Panza Verde


If you’re visiting the restaurant as well, highly recommended to make reservations. As I said, they only have a few rooms, so they do look up, especially during high season, and even their restaurant is quite well known for their dinners. They do serve brunches. It’s a beautiful place.

It’s very elegant. Elegant is probably the best way to describe this hotel. It’s a boutique, elegant, luxurious hotel, and it’s one of the most beautiful streets in Antigua as well. So if you do have a chance to visit and go and check out their menu to see if that is what you enjoy, it’ll make a very elegant evening for sure.

This is a must visit, stay and eat at destination in Antigua, Guatemala.

Fun Fact about Meson Panza Verde

Panza Verde, interestingly enough, is what Antigüeños who have lived in Antigua for generations upon generations call themselves. Some families are here from when Antigua was the capital of Guatemala (Now Guatemala City). The legend goes that the families that stayed behind were so poor that they survived off of avocados and their bellies were green from eating it too much.  This term is used with deep pride.

Information for Meson Panza Verde

Address: 5a Av. Sur # 19 Antigua
Phone: (502) 7832 2925
Website: https://es.panzaverde.com/

Room rates – there are several different suites and rooms to choose from. The prices, for what is offered, are super reasonable with breakfast included

Restaurant information

To see the full selection of eats, visit their website

For nights when there is live music it’s highly recommended to make reservations.

Lunch is less calm, but dinner can really pack up, especially because it’s intimate.

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