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4 Best Melbourne Beaches You May Want To Visit

Melbourne is a wonderful destination if you want to relax on a calm bay beach during the summer months. You have access to various different swimming spots and time can be spent chilling in a shoreside diner close to St Kilda. Many of the beaches in Melbourne are filled with surfers, especially during holidays and warm months. That is why you have to think about surfing out of the many things to do in Melbourne. Some of the favorite Melbourne beaches among travelers and locals and fun information about them.

The big problem with the beaches is that there are so many available that you will have trouble making a final choice. Due to this, here are some of the most trendy beaches that Melbourne has to offer.

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Best Beaches in Melbourne

St Kilda Beach

Out of the various Melbourne things to do, a stay at the highly popular St Kilda Beach is something that you will appreciate. We are talking about a sandy, wide beach that is simply perfect for various different activities and not just swimming. If you want to go on a promenade or you want to see sunsets or excellent skyline views, this is the beach to consider. There is a ferry service in Williams town and another one in Southbank that can give you access to great tours. At the same time, the boating facilities are extensive. You can play, hold a barbecue, swim, bask in the sun or simply have a picnic. Walking, rollerblading and cycling are also really popular.

Brighton Beach

The beach is long, safe, sandy and attractive, being one of the best destinations for those looking for swimming beaches. If this is the type of activity you are after, make sure that you think about Middle Brighton, Brighton and Dendy Street beaches. Right close to the beach you will see some lovely bathing boxes that are colorful and that will offer great views of the city. The foreshore reserves are extensive, featuring various play facilities and barbecue areas. You can enjoy boating, walking, cycling, yachting and windsurfing here.

Kerford Road

The popularity of this sandy, wide swimming beach is much higher than what many believe at the moment. We have various different special zones that offer activities for sailboarding, power skiing and boating. Swimmers are protected and cycling is available, as with most of the beaches that Melbourne has to offer.

Suburban Beaches In Melbourne

Besides the highly popular swimming beaches, there are also some suburban beaches that you can enjoy. One that is often mentioned by tourists is Altona. There is a special zone that does not allow boats and the tourists can enjoy various water-based activities aimed for recreation. Close-by you will find yachting and boating facilities you could enjoy, together with barbecues, playgrounds and jetties.

Another option is Beaumaris, a sandy, safe beach that includes a boating area and a yachting region. The natural features here that are prominent are Table Rock Point and Ricketts Point. Foreshore reserve features a picnic area and various play facilities. Obviously, you will find cycling and walking paths that anyone can enjoy at a leisure pace.

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