Matoyianni Street- The Pulsing Heart of Mykonos Town (for shopaholics and Not Only)!

Mykonos is a heaven for party-lovers and those used to a luxury lifestyle beyond boundaries. At the same time, it’s a paradise for shopaholics, who find their heart’s desire, no matter how extravagant or eccentric. The well-preserved Mykonos Town (or Mykonos Chora) with the stunning Cycladic architecture and traditional character hosts a complex of several small cobbled alleys that meet at Matoyianni Street – a Mykonos trademark with a vibrant shopping scene. How has it managed to keep the attention of Mykonos visitors locked on this bougainvillea-lined Mykonos Town area? Here is a small taste!

Mykonos Town

Satisfying every shopping need and requirement

Matoyianni Street is home to whatever you may seek from a cosmopolitan high street, including boutique stores from world-famous brands, designer shops, handmade jewellery sellers and designers, and souvenir shops open until even after midnight in the summertime. Whether you are looking for exceptional original designs and reproductions of Byzantine and ancient jewellery, high-end clothing, hand-crafted sandals with sparkling Swarovski diamonds, or adorable swimsuits, there’s a place for it here. No wonder a-lists and Hollywood stars, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, have been spotted making their purchases at Matoyianni Street. In fact, Matoyianni Street gets so crowded during the hot season that you may need a few minutes before you can continue strolling its narrow pedestrian paths!

The beating heart of Mykonos 

Matoyianni Street is undeniably the pulsating heart of Mykonos island, with a wealth of fine dining options, including restaurants with international cuisine, alongside traditional Greek tavernas serving delicious seafood, and street food canteens preparing the infamous souvlaki, among others. Speaking of food, Matoyianni Street is also filled with markets selling local delicacies, such as the famed almond cookies and sweets that even Winston Churchill commended on, back in the day! You will also come across several stores that have been selling Greek natural cosmetics and organic foods for more than 300 years! 

Of course, Matoyianni Street could be incomplete without the vibrant nightclubs and bars (cocktail-, cafe-, or restaurant-bars), for non-stop, night-long partying, international DJs, dancing, and drinking along the strip.  

What is impressive and totally exciting about Matoyianni Street is that, at some point, it feels as if everybody gathering around the many squares of Chora is one big company, all enjoying their time while preparing for the late-evening parties. The intense and vivid atmosphere is complemented with the paparazzi following the thousands of celebrities around for the perfect shot. Good luck with that!

Pampering all of your senses

But, even if shopping is not on your mind when visiting Mykonos, you can certainly come to Matoyianni Street for the idyllic sights, especially at sunrise, when the whitewashed building and stone-paved alleys get illuminated, creating an unimaginable aura. What a great way to welcome each new day while sipping your coffee and enjoying an almond cookie under the cloudless Mediterranean sky! Matoyianni Street is also a key meeting point if you wish to explore the nearby beaches and famous beach bars. Plus, it’s particularly close to major resorts and 5 star hotels with an international reputation for their world-class services and top-notch amenities, such as Kivotos Mykonos. 

Can you think of a better reason (or reasons!) to make your footsteps bring you to Mykonos and Matoyianni Street? 

Last Updated on May 24, 2023

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