Sailfish Marina Buffet Breakfast, Restaurant in Florida

What’s a great way to spend quality time with the family? Pigging out at a restaurant in Florida with a breakfast buffet, with tons of bacon and even better views.

The Sailfish Marina in West Palm Beach is the right choice. The location can’t be beaten. The food is totally mediocre, but after visiting tons of restaurants I’ve seen to accept that the ones with the best locations, rarely go out of their way to make outstanding food.

Regardless, it was a super way to spend brunch with my family and my parents!

Here is what Sailfish Marina is like:

sailfish marina sunday brunch

Everyone needs a bloody mary

sailfish marinavocean front restaurant in west palm beach florida

Let the eating begin

family photo at sailfish marina

My family!

family eating at sailfish marina west palm beach fl

Time to feed the fish and birds

bird and fish feeding in a dock outside of sailfish marina in florida

Watching the Pelicans

kids watching pelicans outside marina buffet

I love Marinas!

view from marina buffet

Including this Marina 🙂

woman outside marina buffet in west palmb beach

Restaurant in Florida – Sunday Brunch on a Marina

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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