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Managing Employee Relocation: What’s Your Role?

Job relocation is a very common term that we often come across in modern times. Though most companies provide relocation assistance, it is still a challenging process for the employees. The best out of state movers associated with Moving Apt claim that managing work and logistics together can get complicated. A relocation process includes many small tasks including real estate dealings, logistics, settling up the family (kids’ school and spouse’s job management). Here are few tips to help Managing Employee Relocation.


Managing Employee Relocation

A job relocation process is very different from moving home within the same city. An employee is relocated for various reasons including new growth strategies and the need of a particular skill at a new location, so along with the changes in the personal life, the relocated employee goes through a lot of professional changes too. They have to adapt to both the new work atmosphere and the new city. Here we are providing a few tips to help an employee to understand his role in the relocation process:

Know Your Company’s Relocation Package and Process Well

You need to understand what your company offers in your job relocation package. While some companies assist in the end-to-end moving process, others pay only for the moving services hired by their employees. Some companies may provide different relocation management for different job roles.  

Working with a moving company can really help to take some of the stress out of the moving process allowing you can concentrate on your new job. Take a look at this company to see an example of some of the moving services available. 

They provide all the services to executives including real estate assistance (selling of your new house and buying a new house at the new location), logistics, helping their spouse in getting a new job, admission of kids, and even providing help at getting settled at their new home. Job relocation management and assistance are different in different companies so it is highly advisable to know and learn about all the facilities available for you to take advantage of all the services provided.

Ask for It

Even if your company doesn’t offer any job relocation policy, make sure you ask for it. It is wise to negotiate when you are transferred to a new place as it is your right. Also, job relocation is a life-changing and expensive life event so make sure you let your employer know about all the expenses related to moving. Create a list of expenses including moving quotation, logistics, hotel stay, travel expenses, and house agent brokerage, etc. Discuss all the expenses with your employer and be open to both the options including reimbursement of your bills or getting total assistance from the company and taking services from their designated movers and real estate agents.

Know Your New Place 

Now, once your finances are sorted, it is important to know your new city and workplace wellness. If you already have an office in the new city, it is wise to visit the place and study the working environment of your workplace. Research good schools if you have school-going children and also some good residential localities. If you have to search for a home on your own, it becomes even more important to learn about the place, and even if your company is assisting in real estate and school search, you can always tell them your preferences. Knowing a little about your workplace and residential area in advance would help you in adapting to the new environment easily. 

Know the Cost of Living of Your New City

Though job relocation is a mandatory move and is not avoidable, it is wise to be prepared for the financial burden that you may have to face after moving to the new city. This will also help you in negotiating your salary package with your employer. You can expect a high rise in your salary if the cost of living is higher than your current city. Make sure the difference in cost of living in your current and new job location is compensated in your new pay package.

Don’t Commit before Observing

It is a very crucial step and should not be taken lightly. Many people make the mistake of taking big steps like buying a new home and/or committing to a long-term rent lease. Even if you are sure of your long-term stay in your new city, it is wise to observe and understand the area well before making any long-term commitments. You may repent your decision of buying a home in a specific locality later so it is a good idea to rent an apartment in the beginning and buy a home only after being sure of your decision after a few months. This will give you enough time to understand the new environment and distance from your work and kids’ school. In the meantime, you may also not like the area and would like to change your locality so leaving a rented apartment is much easier than selling a house. 

Along with all of the above-said points, there are some more things that you should keep in mind and that includes checking if any of your moving expenses are tax-deductible and making new friends and social networks at your new place to have a peaceful and happy life.

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