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Mama and Son Dates Inspiration and Connecting with Your Kids


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Full Transcript

Today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about Mama and son or Mama and daughter dates. Are you ready to make every day an adventure? Let’s begin. So I’m have always enjoyed taking my son’s out for lunch for a little mini date because my kids are six years difference.

I used to do a lot of it with my firstborn when he was little. We used to go into quite a lot of things together, just Mama and son dates. I used to call them Mama and son travel. We used to go to get maybe ice cream or it’s always a restaurant that they want to go to. Otherwise it will not be a fun day.

And then when my second child was born, obviously it became a little bit harder, right, because they’re smaller. You want to always bring the two of them together. But as he got a little bit older, I started to really want to give each one of my sons their time, right? So we would do mother and son dates. We used to do it maybe once every two weeks, once a month, and obviously a lot more than I would do together with both of my sons together.

But just this connection of keeping that one on one, it really helps you connect with each other. It’s amazing how many families forget to do that one on one. And I have to say, it really changes the relationship. It brings you closer together. It also makes them feel a lot more important, which is great.

And I also like to take it up a notch. I’ve had quite a few that Mama and son travel times just with my oldest or just with my youngest and of course, with both of my sons together as well. And it’s really an incredible thing. I remember reading a book by Stephen Covey. His most famous book is Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, and he is a father of eight.

I’m pretty sure it’s eight or nine. I’m pretty sure it’s eight kids. And he used to do that once a week, take every different kid out once per week. And they all knew it. And it was something super special.

And in that way, he was able to connect with each child. It was every two months. But still, it’s a beautiful thing. I recommend it, and you don’t have to. And the cool thing with kids is that usually it’s not an expensive thing, right?

It could be an ice cream, it could be a crepe. The older they get, yes, they might have more refined taste, but it still isn’t expensive. And it’s fun. And if you can’t afford to take them out, maybe just buy some food and just the two of you could make something together. It’s that one on one time that makes all the difference in the world.

All right, guys, if you need more ideas for making every day an adventure especially with your one on one go to travel expert with an a dot com and if you enjoyed this episode please leave me a review and share it with your friends and remember to make every day an adventure you.

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