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The Growth Of Wine In Malta

Malta’s Wine

Who does not like a good glass of wine? Even if you can tell the differences between red wine and white wine, you should at least try one good wine someday, and more if you’re traveling around Europe. The wine in Malta is growing rapidly. With many types of grapes, and preparation methods. Malta is slowly becoming one of the best producers of wine in Europe.

Production of wine in Malta dates back to like two thousand years. Back to when the Phoenicians were around. That’s a lot of time. Malta is not the oldest wine producer, but it certainly is an old wine producer with a lot of history.

Compared to the Roman wine bottle that dates back to 325-350 AD found in a tomb of a Roman soldier. Malta can be considered an old wine producer too, but it’s gaining a lot of attention. In the last couple of years, Maltese wine has grown a lot, the demand for those wines is high. And a good place to taste some wines is at some of the many beach clubs Malta has to offer.

The Growth Of Wine In Malta

A bit of history about Malta’s wine

As I mentioned before, the production of wine in Malta is not a new thing. This date back to when the Phoenicians were around, and that’s a long time ago. Heading a bit to the future in the 20th Century two Malta wineries were born, The Marsovin and Emmanuel Delicata. But it wasn’t until 1970 that Maltese wineries took everything more seriously. They started to import international grape varieties and started the cultivation. Wine Gifts Malta is a great place for different wine ideas.

In 2004 Malta joined the European Union. With this, a lot of pressure falls on top of the wine producer’s shoulders. They concentrated on the production of higher-quality wines. And that brings us to the present. You can easily get a wine delivery Malta and enjoy good wine, in the style you like the most.

Styles and types of wine in Malta

There’s a good variation of international and local grapes growing in Malta. Two of the most used are the Gellewza (red wine) and for the white wines, it’s Girgentina. Its red wine is well known for its bright cherry flavor and white wine for its exquisite freshness.

Wineries in Malta

There are 5 major wine producers in Malta:

  • Marsovin
  • Emmanuel Delicata
  • Montekristo
  • Meridiana
  • Camilleri Wines

You must know that sometimes all the 5 majors wineries in Malta offer some kind of wine tasting tour or cellar.

Wrapping everything up

Wine culture is not something new, there’s a lot of people drinking wine around the world and even more in Europe. Maltese wine is rapidly gaining attention, so you need to give it a try, for sure. It doesn’t if you are a wine professional or never have tasted a bottle of wine before, you will enjoy a good wine in Malta.

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