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Is Malta Worth Visiting?: Travel Tip for Visiting Malta

Is Malta worth visiting?

Today was one of those days, you saw a photo of a beautiful landscape or something like that, and you get THAT feeling. The urge of traveling. Then I started thinking about is Malta worth visiting? And I started thinking about all the stuff that comes to our mind when thinking about traveling. This is why I’m writing this.

The first thing we look for on the internet (besides cute photos) is if the place is safe and travel tips for visiting Malta. These travel tips are a traveler’s best friend. There are many things we want to know before visiting a new country. From security to tours and things to do with your family (yeah, your dog included).

Is Malta worth visiting?

So, Malta is an island, more like an archipelago, located in the Central Mediterranean Sea. You know what this means, right? A lot of seafood, like the “Stuffat tal-Qarnita” (this is an octopus stew). Malta has a cool historical connection to Africa and Europe. Malta is an ancient country too. There are Megalithic Monuments of Malta that indicates there were ancients civilization living on Malta. You definitely need to visit Malta!

As a travel destination, Malta offers typical Mediterranean weather. With beautiful beaches, comfy beach clubs, stunning landscape, and amazing architecture. Yes, it’s worth visiting. Malta is one of the best travel destinations for you and your family.

After reading this, you must be thinking to visit Malta soon. You should be thinking of tips and cheap hotels in Malta. Well, I got you covered, here are some tips for visiting Malta.

Travel Tip for Visiting Malta

Tips for Visiting Malta

There are a lot of travel tips. I have written a lot of tips for many countries. Many of them are really general, like “only use taxis from a taxi agency” and things like that. I’m going to give you some Malta-related tips. So, consider this when visiting Malta.

In Malta, they Drive on the left
Despite what people usually things. There aren’t many places in Europe where they still drive on the left. Actually, there are only 4 countries that drive on the left, and all of them are islands.

Take with you some waterproof clothes
An umbrella or a waterproof coat. This one may sound ironic, but, Malta can get really rainy. So, take care!

The Traffic in Malta is the WORST
Malta has a population of approx. 500,000 people. But it really has one of the worst traffic in the entire world. It’s really congested. Malta is the second-highest number of cars per capita in the European Union.

Traditional Maltese town
As I like to say there’s nothing like a good hotel, but you know what is even better? Staying in a traditional village. Maltese villages are beautiful. There are only three villages in Malta, but they are stunning.

English is the second language
The national language of Malta is Maltese, it’s their own language. But the second official language is English, everyone talks English too, so don’t worry.

Visit the island between October and May
The best time to visit malta is from May to October, you will have sunny days perfect for swimming.

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