Bike City Tour of Malaga, Costa Del Sol: The Best Way to See the City

two people and two kids on a Bike City Tour of Malaga, Costa Del Sol

After years of traveling, I’ve reached a conclusion. Whenever you are in a new city, get your bearings by taking a tour. This can be done in a variety of ways: walking tour, bus tour, or bike tour. That’s why decided to get around Malaga on a bike city tour.

We LOVE biking, so to us, this is our natural default to practically anywhere we go. The thing is when traveling with young kids, not every tour company can accommodate us due to a lack of small bikes, or kid seats, or simply not specializing in family tours with kids in their teen years.

kid having fun on a fance while doing a Malaga Bike Tour

Malaga Bike Tours offered all we needed. After talking to Kay, the owner, I knew that not only can they handle our needs, but also she was excited to do it because she’s expanding to do more family tours. It was a win-win situation.

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Malaga bike rental local

Doing a City Bike Tour of Malaga, Costa Del Sol Is Number One On the To-Do List

One huge recommendation, even though some companies do group tours, get a private tour. It will make all the difference when traveling in Andalusia. Kids get bored easily, hungry, and a myriad of other reasons why they need to constantly stop and go.

Also, the normal tours usually range from four hours, with kids if we make it to two – two and a half, that’s a huge accomplishment.

Our tour started at the store, which is right on the Marina and a great place to venture from. We first headed into the Malaga Center and the historic district area.

Malaga is full of amazing plazas, windy streets, and history.

The Alcazaba (fortress) and Castillo (castle) are now standing on top of the Roman ruins of the original Roman Theater. The Alcazaba was built in the 11th century and the castle 14th century. The Romans, however, originally discovered this city before Christ. Very little remains of the Roman ruins today – mainly the Roman Theater and more underground ruins.

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alcazada fort spot while a Bike City Tour of Malaga, Costa Del Sol

What still stands in almost perfect condition are the Islamic buildings – the fortress and Castle.  It is joked around that the Fortress Alcazada (in Arabic) of Malaga is the miniature preview for the main Alhambra built three centuries later in Granada.

Overall the Islamic nation and Arabs ruled Iberian Peninsula for over eight centuries in total.

And what’s a visit to Malaga without visiting the birth area of Picasso. Interestingly enough, he only lived in Malaga for 13 years. And in Spain until 19. He spent over 70 of his years in France due to Franco’s dictatorship. He always said he would return once Franco was gone. But he died before Franco died.

picasso statue spotted while doing a Bike City Tour of Malaga, Costa Del Sol

For our snack break, even though it was a two hour tour my boys got super hungry and our lovely guide took us to Atarazanas Market, the main central market of Malaga.

Atarazanas Central Market, Malaga

Constitution Plaza is where the New Year Celebrations take place, and with all things Spain, there are tons of traditions that revolve around this as well. The most fun one is the importance of wine and grapes. So, right as the clock is about to tick twelve, the last 12 seconds are meant for people start shoving grapes into their mouths – 12 for each month to bring luck to each month. Since it’s practically impossible and dangerous to put in so many grapes so quickly, they have modified the time to make it longer, so that everyone is guaranteed to have good luck in the new year.

constitution plaza of Malaga, Costa Del Sol

Spain’s Matador culture is still super vibrant. Most of the regular bullfights happen in other parts of the country, but Malaga’s Bull Ring is still active two times per year. It’s free to enter to see it (when no bullfights are going on) and, in my opinion, is a great idea of what this is about without watching the killings.

malaga bull ring at Malaga, Costa Del Sol

Our tour took us through the parks and unto the port where you can see the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the liveness of the place which is full of restaurants, cafes and shops.

In the two hours, we learned about the city, got an in-depth look at what we wanted to really experience and dive further into, plus some good tips on what to do and what to see.

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Information about Malaga Bike Tours

Phone: (+34) 606 978 513

Address: C/ Trinidad Grund, 4 (Pasaje Talavera, 3) 50 metres from the Plaza de la Marina

  • Malaga Bike Tours was founded in May 2008 by Kay Farrell.
  • Kay Farrell was born and raised in England. She later lived in Toronto, Canada for twenty years but now calls Spain home.
  • This is the original company for sightseeing bicycle tours in the city of Malaga.


  • Tours run every day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Reservations are necessary
  • The cost of the approximately four-hour tour is 25 €.
  • The minimum group size is 2 people
  • It includes a complimentary typical malagueño drink.
  • The meeting point is in the Plaza de la Marina, next to the main tourist office.

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Bike City Tour of Malaga, Costa Del Sol - Spain

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