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Taking a Make-Up Workshop is a Must-Do


Taking a Make-Up Workshop is a Must-Do

woman getting ready for a make up workshop

Up until, like, the age of 25, I never stepped foot outside my house or outside my room without makeup on. I mean, from 17 years old till 25, I never, ever went anywhere without my makeup. I’m super blonde. My eyelashes are almost transparent. So when I put on makeup, I really do transform in a way because I enhance what I have. But I stopped doing it and I actually just forgot about it, that’s why I decided to do this. Today I’m going to talk about taking a makeup workshop.

So I was constantly always wearing makeup, makeup, makeup, makeup. And probably even until, like, my late 20s, I started to go more on natural or basically not really wearing makeup until my 30s. Nothing at all. Going to put on makeup was like a big hassle for me and in my 40s, forget it.

It was literally like a deal. Something that took me five minutes would take me like an hour to 2 hours to just get myself going. But what happens when you stop doing something? You atrophy that thing. Basically, my whole makeup putting on skills kind of atrophied with me not doing it.

woman before doing make up for herself at a make-up workshop

Make-Up Workshop

So I do want to go back to putting even a little bit of makeup just to get that enhancement back. I still have really blonde eyelashes, so just doing a bit of an effort for me really goes a long way. But I completely forgot how to do it all. So what I love to do today, lately, especially since it started during COVID is to visit my facialist. I go to this amazing doctor who does all of my facials and all these beauty treatments.

So she offered a makeup workshop. It would be just me and her, and we would hire a makeup artist to teach us how to put on our makeup. So I was super excited. 3 hours of just focusing on me and her. The makeup artist will bring all her own stuff, but teach us exactly what needs to be done, kind of to reinvigorate and relearn how to do my makeup once again.

two womans getting ready for a make up workshop

We drank wine and chatted. It was like a girl’s afternoon. But I also came out really inspired. I went and bought all the snakes afterward on Amazon. Do I do it all the time? Not really, but I do it more than before. I also know how to do a quick touch-up.


The point is, it’s that whole adventure thing. It was the whole hanging out with friends and meeting a new person and learning something new and applying it, so I really recommend doing something like that. If you guys are into making every day an adventure, find that cool workshop or whatever it is to inspire you.

Also, if you guys are kind of lacking something or not feeling inspired, there are so many amazing workshops or classes or even tutorials online. But it’s just so much better when it’s in person, live doing it with somebody else. So it’s like a social outing as well. It is so much fun. We had a blast.

make up items inside a bag

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