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Make Sure Your House is Winter-Ready Before You Go on a Vacation

In our minds, preparing for winter usually refers to making room in our closets for those winter coats and stylish seasonal fashion. However, for homeowners, a lot more comes into play as your home needs quite a bit of upkeep as the seasons change.Six of the main things that you need to do in order to make sure your House is Winter-Ready before you travel.

If you are planning on treating yourself to a winter getaway to avoid those cold, shivering nights, then you must know it is important to get your affairs in order beforehand. 

When you leave your home unattended during this time, a lot can go down and you do not want to have to face all the work and hassle when you get back. 

House is Winter-Ready

So, read on to know how to make sure your house is winter-ready before you go on vacation. 

Make a Checklist

First things first, before you embark on your travels, you will want to give yourself enough time to prepare your home. You may underestimate how much time you will need, so it is best to have a checklist in hand. You also do not want to forget any obligations, so referring back to the list and checking items off will certainly help. Making a checklist ensures that you know what you have to do and arrange enough time to get it all done. 

Do a Round of Safety Checks

You are not going to be using a lot of utilities for a while, so you want to make sure no unexpected incidents occur. Unplug all appliances, especially ovens, TVs, microwaves, and even refrigerators if they are empty. If your absence will be a prolonged one, then turning off hot water heaters and other appliances that consume energy is necessary to avoid a hefty bill upon returning. 

Prepare the Outdoors

When you are traveling, the one place that accumulates the most mess, dust, dirt, and other elements caused by seasonal weather is the outdoors. So, you will need to prepare your garden specifically to avoid returning to chaos. If you live in very cold weather conditions, your property may be subjected to snow, which will pile up during your absence. Thus, it is recommended to purchase a cordless and electric snow blower to handle it all with ease. The reviewers suggest that you browse reviews on the available snow blowers in the market before purchasing your own. Reading the feedback of other customers will surely help you find the best snow blower tailored to your needs. Another important aspect of preparing the outdoors for winter is to remove furniture before you leave. Outdoor furniture, such as chairs, hammocks, tables, and garden ornaments, should be stored to avoid damage or deterioration; also, there could be strong winds or storms during the season. 

Turn off All Water Sources

While many people remember to turn off their indoor water sources, they often forget to turn off all of them, and by “all” we mean sources in the outdoors. You want to prepare for the worst-case scenario while you are away, so consider your pipes bursting or your furnace falling and causing damage. To avoid extensive repairs, drain all faucets, toilets, water heaters, and your expansion tank, and turn off the water supply from the main shut off valve.  

Store Any Valuables

If you are not taking them with you, then storing all valuables such as electronics like your laptop, your jewelry, any cash lying around, and other items that you fear to lose is a must. In case you own a safe, then keep your valuables in there; if you do not have one, get creative by placing your items hidden where no one would normally look for them; for instance, money could be strategically placed in sock drawers. Don’t put money under the bed; movies have ruined that trick. 

Last-Minute Preparations

Right before you head out, you will need to do some last-minute preparations. This involves throwing out food that is likely to go bad and emptying your freezer, especially if you are leaving your refrigerator switched on during your absence. It is essential to consider a power outage occurring, to prevent your food from going to waste. It is also recommended to set a timer that will ensure the lights turn on at night; this will have onlookers and intruders under the impression that you are home. 

We want you to make the most of your winter vacation, and we certainly do not wish for you to return to extensive damage. Also, the last thing you want to be doing during your trip is worrying about whether there was anything you forgot to do. You just want to unwind and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. So, remember to make a checklist, clean everything out, turn off all appliances and water sources, store your valuables, sort out your garden, and of course, do a final round of safety checks. When you’re all set, it would be time for an enjoyable and stress-free vacation. 

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