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How to Make Money When You’re Traveling the Globe

There usually comes a point in every traveler’s life when they realize that their funds are getting low. And they now have the painful decision of deciding to head back home or figure out a way to earn money whilst still enjoying their traveling experience. There usually comes a point in every traveler life when they realize that their funds are low it’s easy to make money abroad to fund travel.

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy to make money abroad to fund your travel exploits. However, whilst you’re in a foreign country, the idea of looking around and then applying for jobs can seem a little overwhelming. What sort of jobs can you apply for? And are there certain jobs that are better suited to backpackers?

Make Money

Read on to find out how to make money when you’re traveling the globe.


Travel blogging isn’t for everyone and if you’re looking for a quick cash fix then this one probably isn’t for you. However, if you want to perhaps build a career through your travels then travel blogging could be the perfect solution. You won’t need much, just a laptop, a good Wi-Fi connection and a premium plagiarism tool. Alternatively, if you have other interests you could create a blog dedicated to those, the choice is yours.

Work remotely

Does traveling across the road for a few months really mean you have to quit your job back home? Before you travel, speak with your boss and discuss the possibility of working remotely. If you have access to a laptop and an internet connection at your destination then it could be a viable possibility.

Bar work

Don’t be concerned that local bars and clubs will prefer to give jobs to local people, during the busy summer months and peak seasons they may need more staff to deal with demand. If you’re staying in one location for a while, head to the tourist-heavy areas of your destination and see what bar work you can pick up. Some bar owners will probably pay in cash.


Again, much like bar work you may find plenty of restaurant and café work within tourist hotspots. Ask the staff at your hostel for any employment recommendations.

Teach English

You’ll find schools throughout the Far East who are looking for native English speakers to teach in their schools. All you have to do is send in an application and see what happens next.

Holiday resorts

You might be backpacking from hostel to hostel, but there will still be plenty of holiday resorts bursting with international tourists on their annual holidays. It’s for this reason you might just find some additional income. From bar work to working behind reception, cleaning jobs and housekeeping services. If you have a good singing voice and can dance to a beat, then you could be a great addition to their entertainment team!

Fruit picking

The most popular and straightforward way to earn money abroad is by fruit picking at local farms. It’s mostly seen across Australia where you’ll find teams of backpackers picking fruit in the afternoon sun. Some get paid by the kilo and in other instances, you can get free room and board for your hard work.

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