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Guide On How To Make Milan The Ultimate Family Trip

Milan is the perfect place in Italy for a family trip. It is the leading alpha city for most interests like tourism, fashion, entertainment, culture, and art. No matter whether you have toddlers or teens, there is something for everyone in this city! Explore everything from amusement parks to toy stores and museums to palaces.How to make Milan The Ultimate Family Trip.Take a look at this full guide about Find tons of cool recommendations on what to do.

Milan The Ultimate Family Trip

Depending on how long you are staying, our list of fun things to do with kids can be your itinerary or you can just choose one or two places. But you cannot bring your souvenir shopping or backpacks with you to most of these attractions, nor will you want to. But there are plenty of luggage storage lockers in Milan for you to choose from. 

Milan The Ultimate Family Trip


Children’s Museum (Museo Dei Bambini Milano)

The Milan Children’s Museum has something for kids of all ages. From color rooms to magnetic walls, this place has some unique interactive exhibits. What used to be a church is now home to hundreds of fun activities, workshops, and games for kids. Be sure to stop by the gift shop for a special souvenir. 

Natural History Museum (Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano)

Founded in 1838, this 19th-century history museum is divided into five areas. Mineralogy has a huge collection of rocks and minerals. Invertebrate and Vertebrate Zoology feature exotic animals, cool arthropods, and fossils. History of Man is the evolution of humans. But the favorite for most is the dinosaurs in Paleontology.


All kids, as well as adults, enjoy looking at the stars, right? Founded in 1930, the Milan Planetarium is the largest in the country. Using the Zeiss IV Star Projector, you and the kids can see thousands of stars and planets and learn all about them. They even have an amateur astronomy club the kids can join.

Milan The Ultimate Family Trip

Castles and Churches

Duomo di Milano

You have to at least stop by the Duomo Di Milano during your stay because this breathtaking sight will make anyone say “wow.” If you have little ones, help them find all 135 gargoyles around the church and then let them chase the pigeons around. The older kids will love seeing the other 3,300 statues and art. 

Royal Palace of Milan (Palazzo Reale)

This Neoclassical palace is a wonderful place for the older kids to learn about art and culture. With more than 1,500 paintings from artists such as Monet, Botero, and Kandinsky, it will take a while to see them all. The younger kids will love the museum that shows the four historical seasons of the palace.

Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco)

When you see anything about Milan, you will probably see a photo of the Sforza Castle because it is one of the most popular. Built in the 1400s, it is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. It also features eight museums. The kids will love the Egyptian Museum and Musical Instruments Museum. 

Milan The Ultimate Family Trip

Fun Parks

Civic Aquarium of Milan

Built in 1906 for the Expo, this aquarium is one of the oldest and can be found in Sempione Park. There are more than 100 kinds of marine creatures to see, from fish to plant life in 36 different tanks. The building itself is a work of art with a statue of Neptune (the god of Water) and other art deco on the façade. 


As the most popular park in Italy, the kids will love Leolandia. There are 40 rides including Twister Mountain, Mine Train, and an educational farm with hundreds of animals. The Minitalia is also fun with 160 miniature replicas of landmarks and statues that talk. They also have kid shows, games, gift shops, and eateries.

Euro Park Milano 

Euro Park Milano has more than 35 rides and attractions to enjoy. From kiddie rides for the toddlers and thrill rides for the teens and adults, there is something for all. Bowling, laser tag, slots, and other games are also fun for everyone. Don’t miss the meet & greet with the Avengers. 

Milan The Ultimate Family Trip

Get Outdoors

Idroscalo Lake

From paddleboats to canoes and even sailboats, you and the kids can have a blast on Idroscalo Lake. The kids will also enjoy the playgrounds with slides, swings, and climbing walls. You can take a horseback ride, visit the young artist’s museum, or walk through the open-air museum of sculptures too.

Aquatica Water Park

Cool off during the summer at Aquatica Park. With more than 15 slides and rides from the Space Bowl to the Twister, you and the kids can spend all day here. They even have a Baby Lagoon and Spray Park for the little ones. You won’t go hungry either with all the snack bars and eateries.

Prehistory Park [Parco della Preistoria di Rivolta d’Adda]

Almost 250 acres of fun and adventure in the woods and swamps, Prehistory Park is great for everyone. Whether you are into nature or just came for the 34 dinosaurs doesn’t matter because it is all a blast. They have life-sized replicas of all kinds of dinos from the brontosaurus to the tyrannosaurus.

Milan The Ultimate Family Trip

Kid-Friendly Eateries

Snoopy Pizzeria (Pizzeria Snuppi)

The kids will love the heart-shaped pizzas as well as the delicious spaghetti and ravioli. The burgers and fries are great, too. The cute Snoopy decorations all over the place make it a fun place for the kiddos and you can even enjoy a glass of wine or beer while you relax. 

Vita Italian Burger

Vita Italian Burger is a vegan’s delight, and the kids won’t even know it’s not real beef. Try the Frankenstein burger with a purple bun, lots of BBQ sauce, cheese, and mayo. Or an Einstein burger with a blue bun and salsa? Or the Garibaldi with a red bun and jalapenos? The colors make it fun!


For a burger and fries or an amazing panzerotti sandwich, this place is perfect for you and the kiddos. The deep-fried panzerotti is mouth-watering no matter what is on it, but with mozzarella and pepperoni, you will want to go every day. Try the Nutella panzerotti for dessert. The kids will love it. 

Whether you are staying for a weekend or a few weeks, Milan has plenty of fun for kids of all ages. And be sure to try some of the local eats like risotto alla Milanese and cotoletta alla Milanese. Of course, you must try gelato or Italian ice from where it was first made, in Italy!



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