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How to Make the Most of a Family Trip to London

No matter which way you look at it, London has a lot to offer. From museums and galleries to history and sport, this is one mega metropolis that can keep even the most energetic family occupied for weeks.

However, if you’re not familiar with the capital, knowing where to start and what to do can be a challenge. So if you’re treating your family to a weekend in the Big Smoke, here’s how you can really make the most of it.

4 Ways to Make the Most out of your Family Vacation in London:

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Book your very own apartment
Though staying in a hotel can be fun, any family will tell you that it’s much more relaxing and enjoyable to have your own space in a home away from home. Booking a London vacation rental will give you and your family the space that they need to really relax and unwind. You’ll be able to cook for yourselves, have friends over and really feel like you’re part of the city.

Buy theatre tickets in advance
If you want to catch a show while you’re in town, booking your tickets in advance is a must. Though it is often possible to purchase tickets on the day for small or less popular shows, the biggest and most exciting performances often sell out in advance so book early to avoid disappointment and to guarantee a great view.

Focus on a different area each day
As soon as you arrive in the city you’ll see just how big it is, and attempting to see everything that the capital has to offer in one day is simply not possible.

To avoid unnecessary travel and tired children, try to focus on a different area each day. Each different part of London boasts its own attractions like museums, galleries, restaurants and shops, so there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Don’t try to pack in too much
With so many exciting attractions on offer, London can be a little overwhelming and trying to pack in too much can lead to tantrums and frayed tempers. To avoid this try to factor in a little bit of down time every day so each member of your family can relax and recoup.

London is a truly great world city, and with a little bit of planning you and your family can look forward to the holiday of a lifetime.

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