How To Make The Most Of Your Business Trips

Being sent on business trips can sometimes seem like a hassle- the actual travel can be tedious, and often business trips are packed with boring meetings. It’s a shame, because business trips offer a great opportunity to see new parts of the world! With a bit of know-how, you can transform your mundane business trips into interesting, enjoyable experiences.

Business Trips

Here are some top tips to reshape how you see your business trips!

And don’t forget to pack for your business trip properly.

  1. Plan well

The key to minimizing stress and annoyance is to plan your trip well. Take the time to do your research on your destination and build in plenty of time for delays or other unplanned for inconveniences.

Make sure to do thorough research on where to stay- don’t have a nasty surprise in your hotel or realize half-way through your stay that renting a bike would have been cheaper. Having a solid itinerary will help you maximize your free time and save money. Another way to save money is by using good travel and expense software.

  1. Talk to the locals

Sometimes it can be fun to be the tourist, but it is true that tourists often get the worst deals. It is almost guaranteed that the locals will know where the best food, the best drinks and the best sights are.

When looking for things to do, try talking to the staff at your hotel or restaurants. Asking for recommendations will help you experience a city in a different way from just the cliche tourist sites. While the tourist sites might well be worth checking out, you can also seek out more unique activities to enrich your business trip.

  1. Make time for a tour

Find something you enjoy like biking, walking, drinking, ziplining and doing a tour in the city is a great way to spend your free time in a business trip; de-stressing and doing something you enjoy. If you’re in Mexico, you should take Puerto Vallarta tours, ranging from adrenaline-filled rafting to cultural experiences. Find a tour that piques your interest and explore!

  1. The Internet is powerful

Many business people use LinkedIn as a way to network virtually and meet people. A business trip is a great way to connect with people! Use travelers’ forums to find other people in the same city to meet. Some people even use dating apps as a way to meet people.

Take those online friendships and meet up with friends. When 60% of frequent travelers say that their biggest stressors is missing family, connecting with friends and having that human connection is a great way to feel less lonely.

  1. Cultural experiences

Most cities have some sort of cultural experience, from sports games to a local opera. If you have time, these activities are a relaxing way to have some time to yourself and take a break from the stressors of your trip.

This is especially important if your business trip takes you internationally. Experiencing new forms of art and culture will make your simple business trip into a true trip.

  1. Take care of your health

As cliché as it might sound, taking care of your health during a business trip is the most important part of enjoying a journey. Traveling can put huge amounts of stress on your body including sleep deprivation. Even small things like pollution and slightly different food can throw your health off balance and make for a miserable, sniffly business trip.

Make sure to pack your multivitamins and to prioritize good sleep while traveling to protect your immune system.

Hopefully these tips have left you inspired to make the most of your next business trip!

Last Updated on January 7, 2022

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