New Orleans Maison Dupuy Hotel Review

When I first started doing my research for our trip to New Orleans, I must admit I quickly became so overwhelmed with the hundreds upon hundreds of hotels there were to choose from I almost backed out. We ended up staying at Maison Dupuy Hotel, and this is my review and tour.

However, from my past experiences, I have learned an insanely valuable lesson:

Contact the people that know all you need to know about the place you are about to visit. And, not only do they know everything, they absolutely love to talk about it and give helpful advice.

The New Orleans Convention Business Bureau became my go-to-best-friends for planning the entire trip. I can not even tell you how absolutely relieving that was.

Maison Dupuy Hotel, French Quarter

My biggest challenge was finding the right hotel for my boys and me. This was to be our first single parent travel, my husband had to work and I simply didn’t want to sit around waiting for him when we can go out and explore. So finding a hotel that would be close to everything, have good service, a pool (a huge necessity), and be safe was what we needed.

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If you don’t know much about the French Quarters one thing you read about everywhere is Bourbon Street- without a doubt one of the most famous streets. However, the most important tidbit that you barely read is that staying on Bourbon would suck. Unless you are a partier and are into loud music and a lot of happy-go-lucky drinking folk, you will most likely not get a wink of sleep.

We had a blast walking on Bourbon Street every day, but am so grateful we didn’t stay there. Sarah and Erica (from NOLA CVB) steered me to Maison Dupuy.

Hooray – our home for one week, the Maison Dupuy turned out to be one of the loveliest boutique hotels my family and I have ever stayed in.

Touring Maison Dupuy and Why I Recommend Staying Here

Maison Dupuy is located on Burgundy and Toulouse Street about two blocks from Bourbon and less than an eight-minute walk from Jackson Square. In other words, it was literally in the heart of the French Quarters, without the noise that can easily go along with it.

The Entrance, Parking, and Lobby Area of Maison Dupuy

Did you know that Maison Dupuy was the last hotel to be built in the French Quarters? After it opened its doors in 1973, the Vieux Carre Commission banned any more hotel development. Interestingly enough though, the hotel wasn’t built as a hotel but five neighboring townhouses turned into a hotel.

entrance Maison Dupuy Hotel

Before entering the lobby of Maison Dupuy, there is a valet and a place for you to park your car.

And the lobby is really spacious, with a concierge which we used often.

lobby of the maison dupuy french quarter

Pool and Courtyard Area

The entire Maison Dupuy hotel has five floors and is like a square, where all the rooms look out onto a courtyard in the center of it. The courtyard is also home to the lovely pool which we enjoyed every.single.day multiple times.

pool at new orleans hotel maison dupuy

We were lucky with the weather, however, the pool was heated all the time, and even when the sun went down, and it got quite chilly out my kids were still loving the pool.

Fun Fact – Maison Dupuy has the largest and most scenic courtyard in the French Quarters.

Maison Dupuy Hotel - courtyard

A courtyard is a fun place to simply chill out. We met several people who were staying at the Maison Dupuy hotel for the second and third time – a really good sign.

Our Room at Maison Dupuy

We stayed in the Deluxe Double Double room style which had two queen-sized bed.

room at maison du puy hotel new orleans

We had free wifi and I loved my little work area.

Maison Dupuy Hotel - my work space

With cable for the kids to unwind in between attractions and pool time, I have to say I absolutely loved being here.

Other Useful Amenities of Maison Dupuy 

There is a restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with plenty of cocktail specials during the day.

A fitness center that is open 24 hours.

gym at hotel dupuy new orleans

Business center – they have an area where you can use their computers, print, and other stuff that you need to take care of. Just have your room key, and it is all yours.

computer center at the maison du puy hotel new orleans

They are also known for being one of the best places for smaller wedding venues and plenty of private parties.

NOTE – While we were staying there, a small wedding was held on a Saturday night. The music was loud and I was really worried this would be going on all night. But by 10 pm they were totally finished with respect to the guests.

Video Fun

Information for Hotel Maison Dupuy 

Phone: (800) 535-9177

Address: 1001 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA 70112

Average Price: $250

NOTE: The hotel is non-smoking and no pets allowed

Last Updated on September 25, 2023

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