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Magic Carpet Yoga Mats – Hand Painted and Sustainably Hand-Printed

Yoga, even though it is one of the most ancient forms of well-being and exercises in the world, is extremely new to me. As a matter of fact it is so new, that I literally just started this practice and am truly enjoying it.

Whenever I start any new venture I need to be prepared fully. It’s kind of getting myself in the correct mindset to start any new venture. And lately I like to do things that make me feel really good rather than a ‘should have’ I am approaching things from ‘I want to have’.

After doing quite a lot of research on the web about yoga mats (and there are a ton) the one that sang out the most to me was the Amethyst Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat.

Magic Carpet yoga mat

This hand painted mat is sooo beautiful. At first I considered to get it just to have it. Since I haven’t started with my yoga, and there is always resistance to starting something new, I thought it would make a great mat for when we go camping (another to-do on my list).

magic carpet yoga mat

Ever since I got it, I have fallen in love with this Magic Carpet Yoga Mat for many reasons:

1. The Design and art of it is as beautiful in person as it is on the website

2. It’s soft, cushiony. I’ve tried other mats and they are usually pretty hard and not as comfortable.

3. The design is linear – maybe for veteran yogis this comes naturally, but for beginners to have their feet and arms and body aligned in a perfect line is a challenge in itself. The design is perfectly straight and makes it so easy to line myself up without even thinking about it for positions.

There are tons of different yoga mats and designs on Magic Carpet Yoga Mats which are all designed by Sophie Leininger.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with this mat and that I can’t wait to use it every time.

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