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Luxury Wildlife Holiday Ideas for 2022

When it comes to wildlife holidays, they need not be devoid of luxury and comfort. Thanks to well-planned and designed itineraries, one can enjoy luxury wildlife safaris at their favorite destination. The wildlife spotting adventure holiday is fast increasing in popularity, and today, there are so many fabulous locations to pick from. Best wildlife destinations from around the world to go to for an amazing luxury wildlife holiday in 2022. Look at this quick list of the wildlife holiday.

Nothing can be more thrilling and exciting to see your favorite animals in their natural habitat, like birding, for example, an incredible experience. It can be a breathtaking moment and life-changing experience when you spot an animal in the wild. Here are a couple of ideas as to how and where you can enjoy a luxury wildlife holiday.

Luxury Wildlife Holiday

Luxury Wildlife Spotting Adventure Holiday for 2022


Enjoy looking at the Great Migration of the wildebeest and zebras on their 200-mile odyssey.  The chance of your watching an unbelievable number of predators hunting for their game is high when you visit the area in the right season.

The best time to visit is probably February and March after the rains. Stay at luxury lodges and mobile tented camps for a great experience.


Explore the frozen wonderland of Antarctica to observe king penguins in their true wilderness. Antarctica boasts of an extraordinary variety of amazing wildlife, despite the harsh conditions of being the coldest and driest. You are sure to spot penguin colonies, seal colonies, albatrosses, and whales.

You can go at any time during the year to see those animals and can pick from any of the luxury cruise ships like the National Geographic Orion, Le Boreal, and Silver Explorer.


Ranthambore National Park in India was a former hunting ground for the maharajas. Today, it is a protected area that teems with plenty of exotic wildlife like deer, langur monkeys, antelope, and crocodiles.  However, the Royal Bengal tiger is the main reason why people visit Ranthambore.

The best time to visit the park and spot the tigers is during the months of March, April, and May. Stay at luxury lodges like Oberoi Vanyavilas and Aman-i-Khas. you can take advantage of online loans to support your luxury wildlife tour if running short of cash.


If you want to swim with manta rays & whale sharks, then simply head for the Maldives. The ocean currents here create world-class diving conditions, and the Maldives represent the essence of a tropical paradise. Deep channels separate the atolls, and one can easily see the coral tips of oceanic volcanic mountains across the islands. Dive in the waters to swim with manta rays & whale sharks.

The best time to visit can vary with the seasons. Stay at luxury lodges in the Ari Atoll, and some good options are Conrad Rangali and Constance Moofushi.


Yellowstone National Park is a must-visit area for wildlife lovers. Located in the USA and across the expansive Lamaar valley, the park boasts of the big fives, elk, cougar, bison, grizzly, and wolf. While one can easily see Bison and elk, the Cougars are almost never spotted. This is the prime destination for viewing wolves and the best time to spot the animals are from March to May. Stay at Amangani & Four Seasons Jackson Hole for a luxurious experience.

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