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7 Luxury Travel Tips Endorsed By Top Celebrities

When you think about how celebrities travel, you probably imagine glamour and luxury. The truth is that most celebs travel smartly and practically. Here are some of the top luxury travel tips by celebrities for your next holiday.

Effective packing and efficient travel routines inspired by the lives of celebrities who’re always on the move can remarkably improve your luxury holiday experience. 

houses on top of a risk with a sunset in a coastal town in italy

Luxury Travel Tips By Celebrities

Pack Minimum Shoes

On a luxury vacation, you need two pairs of shoes – formal footwear for fine dining and similar venues, and casual shoes for everything else on your itinerary.

High heels or leather oxfords can complement your formal dress perfectly. Dark-colored sneakers or sports sandals are ideal for all-day wear. 

If you want to pack real light, consider going with just a pair of stylish shoes that will take you from the beach to the bar without complaints.

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Enjoy Peak Season Travel Wisely

Peak season is the most comfortable time to travel. But it also comes at the expense of encountering huge crowds at all the popular destinations.

Fortunately, there’s a way out!

Some incredible wellness resorts, ski resorts, and luxury holiday villas are hidden well away from the maddening crowds. Do some research, and you’ll spot the most luxurious boutique hotels and spa resorts in the least-famous tourist destinations.

And that’s exactly what most celebrities do – they go to less-traveled destinations for a holiday and make themselves famous!

If you must visit popular tourist places, then make sure you step out for sightseeing early in the day or late at night. Visit only those tourist attractions where you can make advance online reservations, so you can skip the lines.

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Get Out of the Hotel More Often

So, you’ve booked a penthouse suite in the finest hotel in Miami Beach? That doesn’t mean you’ve been put under house arrest!

Yeah, you’d want to enjoy every facility and all the dollar’s worth of luxury you’re paying for. But ditch the treadmill at the hotel’s gym and take a run at the beautiful beach instead.

Get out of the hotel and experience the joy of exploring beautiful destinations. That’s the real perk of your luxury holiday.

Make Room In The Suitcase

A well-packed suitcase is an indicator of how well-organized you are as a traveler. And when it comes to celebrity-style travel packing, less is always more!

Some celebs go for week-long vacations only with a carry-on bag. So if you want to travel like a superstar, try to bring only the essentials on your trip. 

‘Roll, don’t fold’ is a pretty outdated packing hack. The latest secret for creating more space in a small suitcase is a compression packing cube.

Compression packing cubes make everything compact by squeezing all the air out. You can follow these awesome tips shared by travel expert and renowned T.V. host Samantha Brown for packing your carry-on using packing cubes.

Don’t Ignore Hydration

When you’re on a high-end vacation, it is easy to get lost among the finer things.  So much so that you may forget to keep track of your daily water intake.

Most celebs, on the other hand, would never ignore hydration no matter where they are.

Hydration is important for your body as well as your skin. Bring along a mid-flight hydrator to replenish your skin during long flights

Stick To Your Wellness Routine

If you consider your holiday as a binge, you’re not even close to a celeb-travel mindset. 

Top celebrities prefer to travel responsibly. They are particularly mindful of their health and wellness routines. 

Take a cue from celebrities like Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner who never skip a workout even on their busiest holiday.

Unpack ASAP

If you end up living out of the suitcase on a luxury holiday, you’re going to miss the grandeur of it all!

The right time to empty your bags is immediately after checking in your hotel room. Unpack everything and arrange them neatly in the wardrobe. It will be a lot easier to access your stuff this way.

It will also simplify the process of repacking everything in order when your holiday ends. 

Also, unpack immediately when you reach home. Procrastination will only make the task more difficult!

The Bottom Line

Luxury travel doesn’t mean you’ve got to carry a world of comforts along with you all the time. You’re going to spend some big bucks on 7-star accommodation and amenities. You can enjoy those luxuries best only if you travel without hassles.

These travel tips backed by the wisdom of top celebrities are sure to make your future trip truly grand.

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