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A Luxury Train Travel: The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express offers you one of the most memorable train journeys with the feel of a luxurious mode of travel. It takes you from London to Paris. The luxurious interior and lavish comforts available in its coaches make it an extraordinary carriage. You’ll be surprised to know that the signature trip of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is not the original one. The first Orient Express train ran from 1883 to 2009. This train was famous for the glamour and Luxury Train Travel it used to offer to its passengers.Going on a Luxury Train Travel on board of the gorgeous Venice orient express is a once in a lifetime experience. Here is what it is like.

A Luxury Train Travel

The present Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train runs privately by Belmond. Belmond’s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE) not only carries the glamour of the original train but it also has raised the bar of the luxury in train travel. It’s a dream of many travel lovers to experience a journey in this luxurious train. Here we have gathered some Orient Express Information to make it easy for you to plan a memorable journey in Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Luxury Train Travel – What Makes Orient-Express So Popular?

Traveling in Orient-Express used to be like a luxurious and fashionable activity in the 1920s. This train is one of the most talked trains ever. Orient-Express covers the exotic destination with luxurious compartments. In this train, even a small detail matters a lot, like a hand towel. The fluffy hand towel reminds you of the comfort you can get on a train journey. This train is so popular because it has everything that will give you a glimpse of a luxury lifestyle for 36 hours.

The history of this train is full of romantic meetings, robberies, bombing, and political meetings. During World Wars, many famous personalities traveled in this train. This train also has been a part of many fictional novels. With the time, the graph of the popularity of the original train decreased as air travel and high-speed trains dominated the traveling industry. So, the luxurious Orient-Express run on the tracks on December 12, 2009, for the last time.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express operated by Belmond is now available for the traveler lovers. In VSOE, you can witness the beauty of vintage train coaches. The train uses the dining and sleeping train cars from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1950s. Although the route of the train is different, it still retains the classic name of Orient-Express.

Let’s have a look at the special features of the world-famous express train.

·        The Compartments

When you plan a journey in Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, then you have an image of a spacious compartment with all the basic facilities. But actually, you get much more in the compartment of this train, the compartment itself. Each compartment offers you the facility of cabin steward for a comfortable journey. While you enjoy your dinner, the cabin steward rearranges your compartment from the lounge to sleeping configuration. All you need is just be surprised by the perfect arrangements. Every compartment has fresh linens and soft & fluffy towels.

The options of accommodation that the Express train offers you are- the Grand Suits, Cabin Suits, and twin compartment.

The grand suites have an additional feature of private dining whereas the cabin suite has a lounging area, a cabinet and a washbasin with the facility of hot and cold water. The twin compartment is a private lounge during the day that can be converted into an upper and lower bed for the night. The twin compartment also has the facility of the washbasin with cold and hot water.

·        The Traveling Time

The best part of the train traveling is sightseeing, and in VSOE, you get to enjoy wonderful sightseeing with a relaxed ambiance. The route of the train is full of natural beauty. Although you will get the wi-fi facility on the train, to enjoy the travel, we suggest you put your gadgets away for a while.

The restaurant and bar cars are located in the middle of the train. The interior of the restaurant and dining car will take you to the vintage era. The evening tea will be served to you in your compartment only. Everything- from the lunch menu to cutlery, Crisp linens to the decorative pieces, contributes to making this journey as an unforgettable experience.

·        The Dining

The French chefs prepare all the meals for the passengers of Belmond VSOE. Dining is the best part of the journey, and you need to dress up to suit the occasion of Dinner in VSOE. This train has witnessed many glamorous parties so you can never be overdressed for dinner here. Usually, passengers pick the formal dress code for the famous dinner on board. So, keep your best formals in your bag to enjoy this occasion.

·        Destination

The original journey of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express starts from Paris to Istanbul or back which takes six days. But London to Venice is the most popular route of this train. If you want to visit the Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, then you have the option of leaving from Venice. No matter what route you choose, your journey is going to be a lifetime experience anyhow.

Wrapping it Up

Riding on VSOE is a lifetime opportunity. This train is the celebration point for many people. You must take a ride of this vintage train to be pampered, calm and to admire the beautiful landscapes at least once in a lifetime.

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