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Laru Beya Resort in Placencia Belize – Luxury Hotel Review

Our absolute most favorite place while visiting Belize in the main mainland area was Placencia. This tiny village at the tip of the peninsula is known for two amazing things:

1. The Longest Beaches in Belize

placencia belize

2. The longest and narrowest main street in the world (it even made it to the Guinness World Book of Records)

apartments in belize

My Laru Beya Resort Review

But that’s not all. Laru Beya Resort should be up there for a must-do! How did I find this gem? Through Tripadvisor of course. And I have to say, there is a reason it’s holding the number one spot for ages and ages.

placencia belize hotels

We were greeted by Tim, the front desk manager, and given a tour of the property before heading to our room. The hotel has three main buildings and we were lucky enough to be right on the beach beside the pool. My kids were in heaven!

Before jumping in to describe the rooms, I have to mention how excited I was about the pool. I have a one-year-old, and he can’t swim on his own. And I’m not a big fan of swimming, so anything to keep me out of the pool but him in it helps me a lot. This pool was designed perfectly for him! Both my older son and my baby were able to enjoy the pool at the same time while I got to relax!

family vacation in placencia belize
We were escorted to our two-bedroom condo. The bedrooms were so huge that my whole family would have fit perfectly into the main bedroom with room to spare, each kid having a separate bed. But since, we did have 2 bedrooms, we had a blast!

resort in belize

My older son, feeling all independent in his own room separated by a full kitchen and large dining room, even took showers on his own and hung out watching TV alone which is something he never ever does at home!

luxury resort in placencia belize

My baby, loved the hanging out on our veranda looking at the ocean. Not to talk badly about my baby, but he’s very needy and never wants to be alone, so the fact that he did this was a great sign, that is was so comfortable.

beach front condo porch belize

Even though we spent a lot of time exploring Placencia, its relaxed streets, and the gorgeous beaches, I think in the end we ended up spending more time enjoying the hotel, the beach, and the pool with my boys.

belize beachfront resort for families

But, most of all the restaurant that cooks anything from Seafood to traditional style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

belize resort for families

So even if you’re not staying at this hotel, it will be a great place to come for an afternoon, enjoy the kayaks and then stay for some eats.

belize typical breakfast stuffed fried jacks

Falling in love with Placencia was so easy but staying at Laru Beya, really made it so hard for us to leave!

Thank you Tim for a great stay!

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