Lush Hotel (Aaculaax) in San Marco, Guatemala: A True Artistic, Boutique Hotel Near Lake Atitlan

Lush Hotel, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan

Imagine tiny footpaths surrounded by tropical plants, small shops, and friendly locals. This is exactly what you find in San Marcos. It is a tiny village located on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. However, what makes this town even more unique is all the different activities and water fun you can have. That is until I arrived at my hotel – Lush Boutique Hotel, otherwise known as Aaculaax (The owner’s name in the Mayan dialect spoken in the area). My husband and I ended up staying here for the most part of my stay.

Lush Hotel, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan

My great friends Niels and Lily are the owners. Niels, who started building this hotel almost 20 years ago, I’ve been told, is the creative mind behind the way the hotel looks and stands.

But until you see it for yourself, and stay at the hotel, it really is hard to describe.

Lush Boutique Hotel Lake Atitlan Guatemala

The hotel is literally built into the cliff, which allowed us to have some of the best views in the central part of San Marcos. The view above is from my bedroom.

It is a small hotel of 12 rooms, but they cover everything from family suites to honeymoon suites.

There is fresh breakfast served every day on the terrace. It was included in my stay.

The staff is helpful and always available. Plus, for a tiny indigenous village such as San Marcos, I was happily surprised to see most of them being 100% bilingual. Usually a huge concern for travelers to smaller villages.

Don’t worry about any of that! You won’t have any problem communicating.

Lush Hotel, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan

Each room has a bathroom (this room alone is a work of art) and full kitchen, with sitting rooms to enjoy the views and the nature that surrounds you.

Lily, who has a special love for the flowers that are on the property, had found a way to have the most colorful and tropical plants grow just the right way to become part of the architecture and invite fun wildlife.

Some may think it’s complicated to get to Lake Atitlan, but there are great ways to do it.

Lush Hotel, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan

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Lush Hotel, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan in Photos

My room – Sirena

Lush Hotel, San Marcos, Lake Atitlan

Window Art – My Favorite Part

Stained Glass Windows - Art



I normally am not one to show bathrooms, but they really are spectacular in this hotel. The cliff, which is one of the main elements of the hotel, plays beautiful into the bathroom walls, and even acts as natural waterfalls.

Bathroom design, rock walls and cliff faces

Video Tour of Lush Hotel


I have stayed in hundreds of boutique hotels all over the world, so can say I am pretty much an expert in this. Lush Hotel is one of the most beautifully created, in all essence boutique and luxury hotels.

You will definitely have a beautiful San Marcos experience!


Last Updated on June 1, 2022

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