Luna de Miel, Antigua: Best Place for Crêpes and Waffles


luna de miel restaurant antigua guatemala

Today we’re going to be talking about Luna De Miel restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Luna De Miel is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Guatemala and Antigua. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really sure why. They are really well known for their crepes. So it is a French style restaurant, but it’s mainly their crepes.

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Luna De Miel, Antigua

They have this beautiful restaurant that has a downstairs, then they have this whole upstairs one that has a huge terrace and then like these couches on the inside. It’s a sweet restaurant.

Weekends or Weekdays?

On weekends, it is super common to see hours of waiting time, people just waiting in huge lines. It is definitely one of my youngest son’s favorite restaurants. So whenever we go, we only go during the weekdays. And even better, like at three or four in the afternoon. Not like during dinner time or even rush hour.

Other times when there are a lot of people, we always go upstairs into the terrace.


As I said, they have yummy salads. It’s mainly a crêpe menu. They have crêpes as entrées with ham and eggs and cheese and stuff like that. And obviously they have the sweet crêpes, which is my son’s favorite, which is the Nutella and ice cream and whipped cream.

They have dulce de leche, and they have all these others. It’s a cute place.

No Reservations

I’m bringing it up because it is really popular. That means the waiting can be just painful, considering that I don’t think it’s all that. If you are going to be coming to one of the meals, they don’t make reservations.

Come at a time when you don’t have to stand outside with the rest of the herd. It never made any sense to any of us why people stand there for hours waiting to get in. But it is an interesting place. It’s a great place for kids because they have all this yummy ice creams and Nutellas and stuff like that. And it’s a cute place for families.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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