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Lucha Libre in Mexico City – A Nacho Libre Adventure


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Full Transcript

Have you heard of Lucha Libre? Or maybe you know, it’s because you’ve watched Nacho Libre? Well, today I’m going to talk about Lucha Libre in Mexico and make everyday an adventure before I go traveling anywhere.

I always like to have my own make every day an adventure list because even though there are things that you have to do or you need to do or you should do and kind of like the must see things of any location and destination you go to. I personally love to have my own. And some of them are so tiny and might not be like a really cool thing to the must see and maybe not even talked about. And then there are some that obviously are a must do, must see thing. And Lucille is definitely one of those for me.

It’s both. It makes every day an adventure, a massive list item for me. And it’s also a must-do when you go to Mexico City. My family are huge Lucha Libre fans. My kids and my husband included literally pretty much every word to Nacho Libre.

That’s how crazy they are. So we just love the whole thing, the comedy behind it, and we know what Lucillebre is. Well, I actually know Lucillebre because 20 years ago when I first came to Mexico City, I went to one of their events. I mean, it is crazy if you don’t know what Lucilleibre is. It’s literally wrestling.

It’s wrestling in Mexican terms. Interestingly enough, it is the second most important sport in Mexico, second after soccer, football, of course. So Lucillebre is this massive, crazy, over the top, dramatic acrobatic event. It is just insanely, insanely cool. And of course, that was literally one of my number one things that I had to do with my family.

When we said we’re going to Mexico City, I immediately started to figure out how we could go to Lucha Libre? And I went and I found one of those Airbnb experiences, my very first one that I’ve ever done, actually. And it was the Lucha Libre. And it was to make a mask, hang out with somebody that will teach you a little bit about Lucille and then take you to the actual event. And the tickets are all included in that.

So the way it began was the experience. You went to the guy’s house, and he had all the masks all ready for you and all the different materials. He gave a little briefing about Lucha Libre. It started back in the late 1800 as wrestling. And then in 1942, somebody made it into what it was today, the kind of dramatic, over the top stuff.

And since then, it has escalated to the magnitude that it is today. And it is unbelievable. I mean, we’re talking about acrobatics shows. It is all staged, right? We don’t know how it’s staged.

Obviously, that is something done before. And yes, it is a lot of acrobatics and a lot of riling up the crowds. I mean, the crowds go wild and it’s really interesting because some of these lucid, these wrestlers, they have a following and there are some that always play the bad part, some that always play the good part. I mean, it’s like this massive circus act and show and it’s really fun and it looks like, yes, it is a sport. It might not be like wrestling and there’s actually there is a referee, but who wins, who loses, but the acrobatics and the fitness of these guys, the muscle, these guys go through a beating and not only with one another, but the way they jump on each other, the way they fall, the way they bounce, the acrobatic acts that they do and there is no cushioning.

It is really over the top. The main arena is in Roma Norte, which is in this amazing, beautiful neighborhood. And I recommend you go and listen to my podcast about Roman Norte. I have an entire podcast about it. It’s a neighborhood in Mexico city.

💡 You can listen to the full Roma Norte podcast here

So if you’re staying in Roma Norte And I recommend that you do, it’s one of the most beautiful, safest areas in Mexico city by far. You can literally walk to the arena and the arena is huge. It’s probably 15,000 people and I mean, it’s a show. It’s this wild, amazing show that you really need to go and check out. And if you get cheap tickets, like really cheap tickets for like $10 to $12.

So obviously the more closer you are to the Arena, the more expensive they will get. But if you could put anything on your list of to do, definitely do this. So the thing with Lucha Libre, they do have scheduled shows so if you want to make sure that you catch a show, schedule your trip to Mexico city around that show and they’re usually in the evenings and it could be any day of the week. So definitely check that out before you make your plan. But I recommend everybody go and check out Lucha Libre.

But it is for all ages. There was a family that had their three month old next to me. I think that’s just a little bit too much. But either way is highly recommended. And if you want to make every day an adventure, Go to my website, travel expert with an a dot com for a whole list of really fun.

Make everyday an adventure from really cool stuff that’s expensive to freebies and everything in between. And if you liked this episode, please review it and share it with your friends and remember, make every day an adventure.

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